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These days, organizing your life is a whole lot easier. As how the letters have been moved to your email inbox, everything that you need to execute in your day-to-day life has got a whole lot easier with the number of apps in the App Store. We all have a device in our pockets that can be dedicated to take care of every task that we execute in our day-to-day lives. All that we have to do is to download the apps we need and get things done.

From business tasks like preparing a worksheet to adding a new presentation or any personal work like cleaning the yard or purchasing groceries, everything can be done with the help of the app named Suru. It is one simple and nice app that allows you to organize all the tasks and projects. Users will be able to create good outlines, mind maps, to-do lists and tasks with text and photos added.

Using Suru is as simple as how you would handle your tasks by taking notes. It can be like say, if you want to buy groceries – you can add them to tasks. Later when you want to add sub-tasks you can add milk, eggs, spinach to them according to your wish. In case you are preparing a report to the office, you can create individual items and sub-items and fill them with photos and videos. This helps you add more detail to your work. You can brainstorm ideas from anywhere, add them to your notes, make research data and organize them structurally.

Suru will help you set reminders and alarms so that you can check off tasks when you complete them. This would be the easiest method for you and you won’t have any tasks/projects unattended. The 7 vibrant color themes that you can incorporate into your work make the app more interesting and easy to use. With Suru, users will be able to re-organize, re-color, and delete items or sub-items when they prefer and export their work in a PDF outline.

Suru Pro allows you to add all the work to the cloud as a backup. Users will also be able to sync their tasks/projects across all the other devices and get access to Suru support and future products to be released by them. When you need any queries to be answered and have to get feedback from the team, you can contact them through [email protected]. The monthly subscription of Suru comes for $1.49 and the annual subscription comes for $8.99.

When you have access to the best tools in the market, you can organize your work and life much better and boost your productivity. Productivity gets all easy with Suru and you can simply your life with the hues all over.

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