by | Aug 21, 2023 | Reviews, Web Applications | 0 comments is the first identity management (IDM) platform built entirely in the cloud! This means you can now seamlessly manage users and groups across your organisation by integrating multiple software as a service (SaaS) apps into your system.

SaaS systems are increasingly being used in place of on-premises solutions by businesses. Modern businesses estimate that 70% of the business apps they use today are SaaS-based.

Users and groups synchronisation between different SaaS solutions via SCIM protocol is typically only available on SaaS Enterprise plans, which are 2.5x more expensive on average than Pro/Team/Regular SaaS plans. is for you if you don’t need SaaS Enterprise plans but need to sync users and groups between SaaS systems.

What exactly is the Source system?

The source system serves as a point of reference for users and groups that will be synced to Replica Systems. Typically, your users will appear in the first system. It could be Google Workspace, Azure AD, or an HR system (BambooHR, Zenefits, and so on).

What are the features of Snyk?


  • Risk Scoring
  • Security Auditing


  • Issue Tracking
  • Detection Rate
  • False Positives
  • Automated Scans


  • Compliance Testing
  • Configuration Monitoring


  • Static Code Analysis

Functionality – Software Composition Analysis

  • Language Support
  • Integration
  • Transparency

Effectiveness – Software Composition Analysis

  • Remediation Suggestions
  • Continuous
  • Monitoring
  • Thorough Detection

Snyk’s developer security solutions enable the secure development of modern applications, empowering developers to own and build security for the entire application, from code and open source to containers and cloud infrastructure.

Secure your IDE while you code: use the scanner to find issues quickly, fix issues easily with remediation advice, and verify the updated code. Integrate your source code repositories to secure applications: use a repository to find issues, prioritise with context, fix, and merge.

Secure your containers as you build them, all the way through the SDLC: begin fixing containers as soon as you write a Dockerfile, continuously monitor container images throughout their lifecycle, and prioritise with context.

Build and deploy pipelines that are secure: Integrate natively with your CI/CD tool, configure your rules, find and fix issues in your application, and monitor your applications.

Final Thoughts

Snyk is a developer security platform that allows developers to secure custom code, open source dependencies, containers, and cloud infrastructure all from a single platform.



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