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When I saw Tag a Moment #Camera Organizer developed by Erik Stieler on the App Store, I was interested by the features, and knew that it was something special that I had to try out. If you’re a fan of organizing photos by voice and manage them with tags and collections with little to no guidance, well, Tag a Moment #Camera Organizer will be right up your accolade.

Do you have the problem of clutter in your gallery?

The camera is so splendid you are probably using it for both your personal life as well as studying, working, DIY projects and more. Sometimes you have a sudden inspiration, an idea for a perfect birthday-present, you see a funny saying or you want to photograph a price tag for comparison in the store?

When you can use Tag a Moment #Camera Organizer

  • You want to remember an aisle at IKEA or a parking spot – only by taking a photo?
  • You want to save pictures you’re taking while reorganizing clutter?
  • You want to archive important documents or contacts by means of business cards. Or take photographs of a bill because of warranty?
  • You want to document construction progress or a project, save quotes or funny memes and pictures for later, or record a lecture in pictures?
  • You discovered a poster for a concert, an ad for a trip with your partner or family, and want to find it again later? You realized you’re writing an exam/test the next day, but you`re on the road and prefer to take your documents with you digitally?
  • You see a deco idea, your dream house or dream car and want to tag the moment?
  • You shouldn’t need countless apps but only one with iPhone “PHOTOS” app synchronization where all your other pictures are.
  • You don’t want to spend hours sorting photos in albums and folders after taking them.

Don’t Lose Photos, Remember & Organize Them Smarter

Primarily they are losing such pictures in a flood of recordings. With TaM “Tag-a-Moment” you can save the pictures specifically while taking them. With additional # (hashtags or short tags) you can speed up searching later. Your camera app will be a completely new Organization tool right in your pocket.

The annoying and time-consuming sorting of pictures finally falls away. TaM introduces a new level of photo and gallery management and saves you precious amounts of time. Most importantly it simplifies the way you organize photos and makes you impressively productive.

Better Than Other Photo Organizers

In other photo apps, for example, the Apple “photo” app, dates are automatic-saved in persons, albums and moments. If you don’t agree with those standards, then this app is exactly what you`re looking for. The auto-sort functions are fast-paced. When a picture is out of context, with no relation to surrounding pictures by time or place, creative ideas or important memories and picture notes disappear in the middle of vacation photos, where they probably never are found again or fall into oblivion.

Voice Controlled Photo Collections

This unique, new App “Tag a Moment” professionally permits you to use your camera as a completely new Tool of Creativity, idea-making, and organizing of photos. The clue is, the whole thing is controlled by voice which is absolutely unique. But alternatively, keyboard entry works too. You can take a photo or control any photo by adding tags using your voice or simply add the photo to any of your collections.


  • easier photo management
  • intuitive and voice-controlled
  • add voice hashtags for photos
  • create collections for every aspect of your life
  • search photos by keywords/hashtags
  • saves time in finding photos


The features are interesting and make me think about from a different perspective now, and it’s just downright to use this reputed app of Tag a Moment #Camera Organizer developed by Erik Stieler



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