Tenrox.com – Web based Project Planning System

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It is the web based online project management software where you can have a modular solution for managing your projects and resources in a flat world, where work is fragmented, “projective”, and performed by different resources with various skills in different places. These obstacles are huge challenges for effective resource management & scheduling and project management tracking that can be overcome with Tenrox web based project management solution.

Easily map your web based Tenrox project management software solution to your corporate structures: You can capture and track project data at any level of detail, mirror every business operation area with distinct functional and approval hierarchies, and summarize or drill down into your project workforce financials.

Online project management software solutions from Tenrox empower your project workforce to make fast informed decisions based on real-time project status, cost and revenue information. Tenrox project management software includes powerful tracking, scheduling and reporting features that help you standardize and enforce your policies, adopt best practices, and monitor and control your projects in real time with user configured dashboards and reports tailored to meet your business objectives.

Visit this site at http://www.tenrox.com and post your reviews as comments

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