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TG0 want to change how people interact with physical products. TG0 envision a future in which physical products are elevated from ordinary to extraordinary by providing an ergonomic, intuitive, and responsive user experience. By redefining touch with our proprietary smart surface technology, we enable our customers to seamlessly bridge the analog-to-digital divide.

At TG0, they are committed to transforming the way we interact with technology, transforming it into a seamless and natural extension of our daily lives. Their patented technology enables new touch and pressure-sensitive interfaces, redefining the future of human-machine interaction across industries.

TG0 technology provides numerous advantages throughout the value chain of innovation and new product development.

Innovate with ease.

  • Bring new technologies and exciting solutions to your customers.

Adopt a data-driven approach to product development.

  • Instead of intuition and guesswork, develop new products based on data and valid customer insights.

Incorporate customer feedback into products.

  • You can gain a better understanding of your customers’ behaviours by utilising data from product usage and incorporating this information into your product development process.

Utilise novel form factors.

  • You can create new and never-seen-before products by introducing new shapes and interactive features on normally non-interactive surfaces.

Include new features without increasing complexity.

  • Innovate without increasing complexity. When compared to traditional force-sensing technology, our surface engineering is easier to integrate and requires fewer electrical connections.

Get complete product development and innovation assistance.

  • They have re-imagined interactions in a variety of industries around the world in collaboration with customers. Find out how we can assist you.

Idea Generation

  • Developing new product ideas entails a variety of techniques, including market research, customer feedback, and brainstorming in a workshop setting with your team or external stakeholders.

Idea evaluation

  • They assess ideas to see which ones have the best chance of success. To identify the most promising concepts, we consider market size, competition, technical feasibility, and financial viability.

Business evaluation

  • They assess the product’s potential profitability. To determine if the product is financially viable, we examine costs, sales projections, and market share.

Final Words

TG0 mostly work in the automotive, consumer electronics, gaming, connected fitness, smart home, wearables, and metaverse industries. What makes our technology unique is that TG0 provide customers with a blank canvas that can be used for a variety of applications.



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