The app that checks in to make sure you’re okay and lets the right people know if you’re not.

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DooriGo is your virtual buddy who checks in on you from time to time and let’s your chosen contacts know if something isn’t right. Your new buddy is just a few taps away – you can download the app on iOS and Google Play, or check out the website for more information.

The app works by texting you at your preferred time of day. It gives you a window of time, which you can set, and notifies your chosen contacts if you don’t respond. Your close friends and family can then personally check in to see that everything is okay. The app also shared your phone’s last known location, so if help needs to be called, they know where you are. It can also store encrypted data, accessible only for your chosen contacts, such as instructions to care for your pet, the location of your will and so on, so that if anything does happen, things can be taken care of.

If you immediately thought that this app would be useful for an elderly relative, you’re absolutely right! But DooriGo can provide a layer of safety for anybody, including:

  • Adults with pets who want to know that, if something happens, their pet is taken care of.
  • Parents of young adults who want to ensure your children who have recently flown the nest are fine (without being a needy parent).
  • Senior relatives who live alone, but too far away for you to regularly visit.
  • Independent adults living alone who want somebody to check on them from time to time, but don’t want to compromise their freedom.

If any of the above sounds like you or someone you know, then DooriGo is an app worth downloading. You can visit for more information or download it on iOS or Google Play today.


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