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Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions app developed by Deshpee Group is done professionally well as you uncover many salient features which just show or enumerate how much care was put into the app during development. I’m in adored with the key features and it’s really beneficial.

You can read one article every day and grow your business in 30 days. Also if you are looking for business blogs and practical solutions on how to start and run your business, then Titanate is for you. The app of Titanate has hundreds of articles and videos which is totally ad free. In addition you can also share your own content within the app.

Primarily it is a small attempt to provide you an insight on how the ‘Titans’ in our society are shaping our future. Titanate is a reflection of the stories of Titans in our society who have changed the lives of people. And it’s also a directory of motivational and informative blogs to assist you getting your business running successful.

How people can benefit from Titanate?

Amazingly this Titanate is your free time buddy. They are probably the easiest platform which you can use to learn how to start and run your business.

  • Single stream of content from Deshpee’s 5 business blogs
  • Effective tips to run your business and life
  • Stay updated with the latest Deshpee events
  • Share your own motivation & blogs
  • Have exclusive invites to Deshpee networking events
  • Connect with Deshpee’s team for any help or guidance

Why to launch Titanate?

As the Titans of Deshpee Group, they actually believe in learning from common people whose struggles made them heroes of today’s India. Also sharing success chapters of great people with others motivates everyone. Mainly the people look for inspiration from real incidents. But users hardly find a right place to read about the actual change makers. So the developers selected a different path to contribute in the nation building by making people aware about our own Titans. Finally the users can make the best use of Titanate and it is ideal for business owners. This app is ad free with hundreds of articles and videos that are literally a gold mine for any entrepreneur.


Titanate – Business Blogs & Solutions app developed by Deshpee Group is a quality release and it is a splendid app that will appeal to anyone who is looking for a change.



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