Top 5 weight loss Calculator Apps on Google Play Store for Android Devices

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No doubt that losing extra pounds is looks like something daunting that hard to achieve! Losing weight does not mean to commence with starving, in actual you have to track weight loss progress with best fat loss calculator.

You could try an online weight loss calculator from the Google Play Store for your Android smartphone or tablet. There are different weight loss planner apps that can provides you with the good advice on the practical parameters of reducing weight.

Well, come to the point, in this informative context we have complied lost of the best Weight loss calculator app for Android that will assists you in your weight loss journey.

1.   Weight Loss Tracker, BMI:

Well, this weight goals calculator for Android is the best support in order to reduce excess flab. You can use and update it completely for free. This weight loss planner loaded with tons of amazing features that play crucial role in reaching your targeted weight goals.

App Features:

  • Get different physical analysis of your body constituents that assist you to learn how to lose weight quickly
  • This weight loss calculator will always assist you in staying the way of your weight goal destination
  • Provides you with diet chars and different workout plans

2.   Weight Loss Calculator –Body Mass Index, & Calorie Calculator:

Yes, when it comes to optimal health goals, tracking body weight is not only thing to monitor, you also need to stick with BMI (Body Mass Index) and calorie that your body required. This weight loss calorie calculator works best in calculating  weight loss goals and different health related measurements.

App Features:

  • Get weight loss tracker with all modules
  • Calculate Body Mass Index
  • Simple UI to calculate weight loss calories and other health related measurements

3.   Loss Weight in 30 Days:

Yes, the name reveals that you people now easily lose weight within 30 days. Yes, try this free weight loss calculator to reduce extra pounds within 30 days. Focusing on the audience’s reviews, it is indicated as the best weight loss calorie calculator app for Android. This weight goal app is best and handy way to reach optimal weight loss goals. You can easily customize and install it, install it and say goodbye to excess flab right now with this handy calculator.

App Features:

  • It will assist you to track your weight loss progress and burning fat
  • It provides you with stunning and impressive workout plan
  • Get particulars measurement section for males and females
  • Get different workout plans for different body parts
  • This weight loss calculator works as fitness coach and weight loss diary

4.   Weight Loss – 10 kg/10 days, Best Fitness App:

If you want to lose weight in instant, then this 10 kg/10 days weight goals calculator reveals you the swift weight loss plan. Users depicted that is one of the best weight loss calculator apps around Google Play Store. The free version of app is easy to use and packed with full trendy and impressive features. Let’s find the best features of this fitness app:

App Features:

  • Get three Levels of training to reach your goal
  • Get systematically tips for daily workout routines and plans
  • Provides you with best diet plans
  • Save records of your training and weight loss progress
  • Get reminders for your meal plan, water intake and workout

5.   Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal:

If you are still not sure about gaining muscle or losing excess flab even or doing both. This weight loss calorie calculator is the best tool that will assists you with unbelievable features. This app is the best way to keep eye on each and every fact of your diet list along with your lifestyle. It even also packed with some amazing features.

App Features:

  • This fitness app packed with 6+ million foods along with different cuisines
  • Count your nutrients that you are consuming including (calories, fat, protein, carbs, fiber, sugar, cholesterol, vitamins, and others)
  • Encourage you to reach your weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance goal
  • This weight loss calorie calculator provides you with motivation, tips, support, and advice to reach your optimal weight loss goal
  • Get workout plan forms and time schedules
  • Monitor your food and water that you are consuming

Normally, people aim to reduce extra pounds for just a stunning body figure. But that’s not the end-point, attaining healthy and optimal level of weight is imperatively crucial for your overall health. Also, healthy weight is key-role that assists you to prevent and control different chronic diseases and conditions. Experts depicted that extra flab leads to health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, or different type of cancers.  So, stick with any one of the above-listed weight loss calculator app to estimate your calorie intake corresponding to your weight loss plan chart.


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