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A keyboard is perhaps the primary thing on your smartphone. Whether or not you’re an accommodating typist or a successive texter, you require the best keyboard to drift your fingers over the keys and get the words right. Typewise is an Android and iPhone support application that will make you love how it performs and you will end up referring the identical to your friends and family. Superseding the over 150 years old mechanical keyboard is something that makes Android so uncommon. With a couple of essential advances, you can change the look and feel the difference. There are a lot of keyboard applications open in the Play Store.

There’s no vulnerability that Typewise is phenomenally contrasted with other reassure applications for Android to supersede the nearby comfort application.

This application uses artificial intelligence that engages it to adjust thus and anticipate the accompanying word the customer intends to type. Typewise features autocorrect and movement creating for snappier data. It keenly learns your forming model and acclimates to it.

This reassures application for Android is furthermore an astonishing emoji comfort that brings gigantic heaps of emojis, GIFs, and more to the table. Under the reassure customization, one can peruse numerous points too as can make an individual subject.

Distinctive features of Typewise?

  • Inbuilt with own honeycomb layout which is superior to the QWERTY layout
  • Keys are 70% larger and much easier to hit due to the hexagon layout.
  • It’s as simple as swipe up to capitalize a letter, swipe left to delete, or swipe right to restore.
  • Truly your custom keyboard – Typewise learns what you type and helps you write that perfect sentence.
  • Typewise keyboard runs locally on your device and none of your typing data is transmitted to the cloud.
  • Typewise switches automatically. Can choose from 40+ languages and type in the accents you need.
  • Type in multiple languages without switching
  • Get personalized word suggestions
  • Additional 16 awesome themes (wallpapers, background)
  • Create your text replacements (shortcuts)
  • Turn on key vibration and set the perfect intensity
  • Turn on tablet mode
  • Change emoji-style (emoji keyboard)
  • Change font size (adjust fonts)
  • Change swiping behavior
  • Change space button sensitivity

Overall, Typewise can make virtual making feel immensely improved. Since this free keyboard application for the phone comes bundled with a lot of features, you may experience a wonderful time while typing

Supported devices
Typewise is optimized for smartphones with Android 6 (Marshmallow), 7 (Nougat), 8 (Oreo), 9 (Pie), and 10. Typewise is also a keyboard for iPhone

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