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Are you an artist, a musician or a singer? Have you ever wanted to win a beauty contest? If you want to turn your dream into reality, then you should give hotversus.com a try. The app is so fascinating both for the commoner and the media people alike. It is known as the octagon of hotness.

What’s the app about? The CEO and Promoter of hotversus.com says that, the app is created with an aim to honor the hard-working ladies of the fashion and media field. This app, hotversus.com brings the photos of two hot ladies together and asks the users to vote for one between them.

The reason for creating the app is to encourage all the women in the industry as they take a chance to challenge against one other. The voting is completely upon the users as they vote for one of the two whom they find to look hotter. Once the voting is done, the percentage of votes gained is displayed. On refreshing, a new set of beauties arrive and thus the game continues. I found myself, spending more time voting for one over the other and it turned out to be a great time killer. It is being played by a lot of people all over the world.

At the end of the year, the number of votes will be calculated to find out who has gained more and the overall rankings will be announced. This is just for fun and there is no winner or loser here. A party will be hosted to honor all of them. A kind of beauty pageant like this will be a great door of opportunity to the new entrants of the industry as they will be able to gain more exposure, build more healthy relationship with others and also learn what kind of costume or style suits them the best. They have more scope to learn from the seniors of the media in events like these.

Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Gal Gadot are some among the many hot women I adored on the big screen and to vote for them is something like a fan moment for me and I hope a lot of people will have fun the same way.

If you love using this app or wish to share your insights you can reach them on their Twitter page, https://mobile.twitter.com/ByteDana. Sending a photo you own to [email protected] gives access to become a participant of this game of hotness. Those who failed to make use of the opportunity could use it the upcoming year and get going. The trio of glamour, style and beauty is now on your hands with hotversus.com.  

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