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Running out of ideas on the best ways to keep fit and have some fun while you are at it? Your aspiration to meet your fitness target might be facing some hindrances due to your mandatory job schedules, the unbearable distance to the gym, or you just can’t keep up with the budget of a personal trainer. There is, however, a solution, why should you require a costly personal trainer when you can have a free permanent life membership with one directly from your pocket?

The only accessory you will need to flourish from the services of this personal trainer is an iPad or an iPhone. Download and install the new and improved Updown Fitness personal trainer at App Store from your iPad or iPhone and enjoy the services of a committed virtual fitness trainer.

The virtual trainer comes with benefits such as the customization of your workouts with point rewards for every successive try out which is ideal for keeping up with your commitment level and your health routine on track. The Updown Fitness iPhone app includes features such as:

� Cardio: The feature includes a fast-paced workout routine with the minimal amount of time to catch a breath, but maximum calorie burn is a surety.
� Strength: if your intention for using the virtual personal trainer is for muscle development, or just training a specific body area, then the Strength feature is ideal for you.
� Cross: the feature is best applicable to put your muscle to endurance with a combination of the cardio and strength features.
� Core: if your workout intention is towards attaining complete abs or a six pack then the routine offered by the feature will strengthen your core towards such success.
� Stretch: if you are the sort that always feels the discomfort or pinch of some worn out muscle in your body, then the unique stretches offered by the Stretch feature will target that specific body part for relief and comfort.
� Custom: the feature applies to the pros that have mastered the first five features and are now able to invent or come up with their workout routine. All your will have to do is pick up any exercise from the virtual trainer’s database and use it to invent your workout routine.
� Log Activity: Manage your workout logs by being in terms with the suitable time frame for an effective workout session.
� My Workouts: know your workout routine by planning which workout to partake and on what scheduled day or timeframe.


It’s Free of charge
The Updown Fitness iPhone App is completely free and does not consider any in-app purchases, and thus, you get the free download and free life membership with the app.
It’s too smart
The Updown Fitness App lets you choose your workout intensity level, the location for the workout, the availed equipment, and your preferred workout duration. It, in turn, depicts the appropriate workout routine to suit you and also the exact weight for you to use in your fitness routine.
It’s Social
The virtual trainer enables you to link with a circle of people or friends that have the same fitness schedule and routines as yours, and so you get to share each other’s custom and also motivate each other.

The Updown Fitness iPhone App only supports the iOS operating system and thus, the Android and Windows users cannot access it and thus you cannot share your workout routines and experiences remotely with your Android and Windows friends.
Finally, the distinctive platform of the Updown Fitness iPhone App is as a result of its support for audio and visual timers, and workout animations. The virtual trainer dictates the number of reps you need to attain together with the exact weight to use. The virtual trainer ensures no excuse can backup being out of shape.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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