Urban Alarm- The alarm clock with a pinch of spice

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With the busy schedule of hectic life, we cannot afford too much sleep into our schedules. This means strict work timings and also sleep timings. There are a large number of alarm clock apps to wake you up each morning on time. Since you have to wake up, why not add some spice to the equation and wake up to something fun and unique? Urban Alarm, an iOS app, is just perfect for this.

Urban Alarm is a unique app developed by factor zwei GmbH. It is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone with a basic requirement or iOS 6.0 or later. It is a simple functioning alarm clock with a host of additional features and splendid layout. It has an artistic and appealing feel to its look with a background of graffiti. Colors have been splashed all over to add some life to its interface. This is all about its fantastic look and interface.

As far as functionality is concerned, this app passes with flying colors. You can set an unlimited number of unique alarms, each with different settings. The tone for your alarm can be set from the pre-set collection or you can also add your own touch by selecting music from your own playlist. Each alarm can be identified individually by assigning a specific color to it. There are options to even control the time format as per your convenience.

Each one of us has had the terrible experience when we set music to play and fall asleep listening to it. When you wake up the next morning, you find your phone’s battery dead and completely drained out. So often have we wished for a solution. Urban Alarm comes with a solution to this. You can play a song and set a timer when you wish to automatically turn it off. This feature works perfectly and is quite something of a life-saver at times. It also supports background alarms if you happen to have it running unintentionally in the background.


With a combination of a simple and easy to use interface and a set of useful features that work perfectly, this app is truly worth its price of $0.99. Simplicity and functionality are the key elements of this app. You can set its features to suit your comfort. There is a variety of choices given to you for this. Select between a vertical display and horizontal display, 12-hour and 24-hour clock format, select from a wide variety of colors, choose to enable or disable the display of seconds and a lot more.


Urban Alarm is an app that allows you to set your favorite music as your alarm so that you wake up to the sound of soothing music each morning. It serves the function of an alarm clock and adds some fun to it in the process. However, the user interface does get a little boring and monotonous after some time. It could really do with a couple of other styles added to it. If you have to wake up every morning and start your day with an alarm, then Urban Alarm is it.

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