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Do you want to measure your marketing campaigns? Want to know which marketing campaign is the most effective and efficient for your website? Well, you can analyse the traffic to your website and track the mode of campaign that brought you customers. But, how is it possible to track the traffic? Google Analytics have provided a brilliant and most useful mechanism for the accurate tracking of marketing campaigns. For this a webapp has been created which is known as UTM Generator.

UTM Generator is a platform which helps you to generate a UTM tracking link. A UTM known as Urchin Tracking Module is a simple code that can be attached to any URL to generate Google Analytics data for digital campaigns. Those campaigns are some web-based channels that spread messages about your company’s brand, products, or services to its potential customers. Thus, you can generate a UTM tracking link to determine the levels of brand awareness through the mode of campaigns.

To begin using this tool, you need to fill a small piece of information and generate your personal UTM tracking code with this free UTM generator. For example- website url, campaign source, medium, name, term, campaign content. It’s very easy to generate the UTM tracking link and add to your campaign URLs.

How to analyse your campaigns?

Firstly, Login to your Google Analytics account and click on the Menu bar. Then, go under the Traffic section and click sources and then go to Campaigns. By clicking on the individually listed campaigns, you will be able to view specific information related to campaigns, such as campaign source, name, medium, term, etc.

A UTM tracking link consists of the parts which includes: website url, tracking parameter, parameter value and UTM tracking code. All these parameters sums up to the final tracking link, that can be used and implemented in the online marketing campaigns. Finally, the tracking link for your campaign will look like this:


While generating the UTM tracking links, you need to always make sure that you have correctly entered the information and avoid the potential pitfalls. For example- decide on how to make your parameter values, don’t neglect case sensitivity of parameters, handling spaces, not naming required fields, follow the same conventions, etc. However,

using a UTM generator to create UTM tracking links help you to avoid spelling mistakes so this free UTM Generator is created for you! It will automatically correct the code and generate UTM tracking links for you as many as you want.

This tool is available free of cost and is easy to use. It saves you a lot of time and helps to build your business and spread it to the whole world!

Give it a try now!

Pros: easy to use platform; generate the UTM tracking link; help you track the mode of campaigns; free of cost.

Cons- none.

Worth Trying App – Try UTM Generator


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