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Customer satisfaction will be the prime focus of any successful organization; this is because a happy customer contributes to the growth of the organization. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in products and services industry. It can be done by having a help desk to answer your customer queries, but this alone is not enough. It is essential that the people at the help desk have access to real time monitoring and reporting of the issues. Your help desk software should be fast and should allow multiple views of data and easy filtering during your operations. Help desk software should provide all these facilities in a user friendly way, for it to be efficient. Vision help desk software is one such highly efficient web-based help desk software which allows their customers to handle multiple companies at the same time by having a separate client portal and a front end for each company.

The basic criterion for any software to be the best is to have the ability to handle increasing load without causing any system downtime. Vision Helpdesk software offers immense scalability in handling varying loads, which is a very important aspect of helpdesk software. The Vision helpdesk software also offers many other features which helps in the effective tracking and monitoring of the system.


ü Multi Domain or Satellite Help desk – Most of the conventional software permit the client to manage their support activities for a single client only. With the help of Vision helpdesk software, clients can manage more than one company with a central helpdesk. Each company can have their separate branded portals.

ü Multiple Channels – Vision helpdesk allows the client to manage multiple channels such as calls, e-mails, Facebook, twitter, web-forms and much more with the help of single software.

ü Ticket Management – Companies can handle their tickets in a stress-free way with the help of various features which are offered in the software. The features include e-mail parser, work flow automation, SLA, Ticket search and filters, Ticket alerts on e-mails and SMS, Ticket folders and queues.

ü Client Management – Customize your client database by adding images, office details and other information. There is also an option to maintain the ticket history and client invoices by which you can easily browse to extract the details.

ü Ticket Billing – The software allows you to create invoices automatically based on the rules which are pre-set for the tickets on an individual client basis. There are also various other features such as setting up multiple currency, invoice listing in the clients profile etc.

ü Customized Reports – Reports can be created even by individuals who have no knowledge of programming. The Vision helpdesk software helps to create these reports for tickets, staff and client as separate modules.

ü Private Social Hub – This feature is named as Blabby; it helps the staff members to communicate among themselves. It is a tool where they can share their knowledge and have fun by working as a team.


Vision Helpdesk is user-friendly web based helpdesk software which requires no special training. Users can try the free trial version which offers unlimited access to all its features for 30 days, after which customers can avail their software services at affordable rates. Just logon and try this website and you may be you will never go back to your old traditional help desk software.

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