Predator Digital Clock : The Language of Time

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Who don’t want to see two extra-terrestrial bodies fighting with each other for earth? Of course, Transformers series is one of them. But the earlier cinema too enjoyed its share of alien content with the likes of Predator and its second part. Though both the movies were released about two decades ago, but they still have an impact on the current cinema and the audience as well. One of the distinct characteristics of the movie was the use of alien language, may be first of its kind using the concept. You won’t find any tutor for the language to learn. But we can manage you a dictionary to grab some of the basics.

We are talking about the new iOS app, Predator Digital Clock that has been developed by Gilthonwe Apps. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, the app has been optimized for iPhone 5 and requires iOS 4.3 or later version. The app is a digital clock with a ‘predator’ touch. There are no monsters coming out of the clock, rather all the numerals are represented in the alien language. But to make sure that you yourself don’t get confused while figuring out the correct time, the conversion has been shown separately in the app. Also, there are two different languages supported: hard and medium.

Being a digital clock, it supports its basic functions as well. You can select any of the 12 hour of 24 hour format as well as set alarms and timers. The app also allows you to add music to the alarm sounds. However, the music will only play if you have the app active. If the app is running in background or closed, the default sounds will be played. These sounds include some predators screaming, definitely a change to your routine to wake you up. But we couldn’t figure out the reason for this limitation as most of the other apps support this feature.

The interface is customizable with different colors available for the numbers. You can also choose to show the date and day on the home screen. The clock appears nice and matches the theme. The clock is a nice addition to your home screen widgets. It brings a change to the customary clock hanging on the wall and greets you every time you open your phone.

The app is currently available for $0.99 in the App Store. The app is definitely for everyone. It is like an accessory and nothing more. It just brings a change to your home screen. You don’t need to look for something different but a new experience is promised. So, we would recommend you to download it and check whether it meets its price tag.

Pros: predator themed clock, basic functions such as alarm, timer supported, customized interface.

Cons: App needs to be active to play music sounds from the device gallery. Only default sounds can be played otherwise.

Worth Having Application : Download the Application


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