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If you make a lot of international calls, you will be well aware of the large costs involved. If you make frequent calls to the US, Mexico or Canada, Voico is an app that you must try out. It is an iOS app that provides international messaging, audio calls and video calls. The high definition quality of the calls made by this app set it apart from other apps in the market.

Voico allows free messaging and HD audio calls and video calls to any other Voico user across the globe. If you are making calls to landline numbers or mobile numbers that do not have the Voico app, the charges are minimal and highly subsidized. Calls to the US, Mexico or Canada can be made free of cost. The app is effectively very light on your wallet, while also offering you the best quality communication that is available in the market at present.

The Voico app easily integrates with your phonebook, allowing you to export your contacts from your phone book. This makes it easy and convenient to call your family and friends through the app. The app also allows free audio, video or text messages. The app has a group chat option to allow multiple users to communicate at a time. Other media like photos, location, audio, video and more can also be shared via the app with ease.

Voico features a text translator that instantly translates text from one language to another one for you. All you have to do is set the language that the recipient must receive the message in. you can then type the message in a language of your choice and have the same message received in another language on the other end. Besides this, the app supports video conferencing with up to 5 people. Users can also send and receive fax through this app. There is a voicemail integrated within the app too. There is a call recorder in case users wish to record their calls. The app sends you push notifications so that you do not happen to miss out on anything important by any chance.

The app sports a responsive and easy to use interface. Users will not have any issues navigating or finding the features on the app. Making a call through the app is extremely simple- this with an assurance of good quality even in the absence of a good internet connection. With so many unique features, low calling rates and an easy to use interface, this app is definitely the first choice of users who make frequent international calls.

There are no major downsides to the app. The app does not allow users to call back in case the internet connectivity is poor. The user can receive calls nonetheless. Voico is a free app that will change the way you look at international calling and communicating across the world. It is an app that you must try out if you make frequent international calls, especially to the US, Mexico or Canada.

Good: Fax, text translator, call recorder

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App

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  1. viv

    Voico is a very good calling app. Very clear Video and audio calls around the world and the instant text translator is very good for my business. It helps me answer my customers in different languages – GOOD JOB VOICO 🙂


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