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There are a plethora of games in the App Store that are designed with cards. Games are all fun and when you can earn out of them, it gets even more interesting. Users can play poker round the clock with all the coins and spin and make some huge cash. 

With the Reel Stakes Casino app, users will be able to take part in the classic five-card draw poker. The app is packed with fun and it is familiar which helps users to catch and play the game quickly. The developers of the app make sure that the app is so easy to use and gives the feel of a real poker game to the users. When users fill the spin meter and gain more bonus slot reels, they can boost their earnings.

Real Stakes Casino is powered by b spot which is a US licensed real money gambling platform. The app combines horse racing with mobile games. To take part in this game the users will have to create an account in b spot, a US licensed real money gambling platform. The bets are placed in live horses and winnings are determined by the results. The cash deposits and winnings are held in a custodial account in an FDIC insured member bank.

Just like with a real game of poker, users will have to work with a strategy so that they enhance their gaming skills and earn more. Reel Stakes Casino helps the winning hands of blackjack or poker to spin bonus slot reels and increase the count of chip stacks. Users will have to unlock the money wheel for chances and spin them to win some real cash. As users improve their blackjack or poker skills, they can move from beginner to winner levels and start earning more. Users will be able to test their skills in mini-games to top challenge leaderboards and win gift cards.

Reel Stakes Casino is so addictive and it has kept me on hold ever since I have downloaded it and I can see some cash when I spin the money wheel every time. The game is so nice to play and assists us in mastering the blackjack and poker skills, testing our luck, and winning real money anytime and anywhere. 

Reel Stakes Casino requires iOS 12.0 or later versions and involves frequent/intense contests, gambling and frequent/intense simulated gambling. To play this game, the players must be more than 21 years old.

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