WaveDeck Voice Messenger PTT – The Carrier to Your Voice

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Do you hate typing messages and spending hours just to deliver a short message? And how frequently it happens that you are to send an urgent message and it is being sent too but not delivered to the recipient. Then, the next day you find the delivery report in your inbox which is more correctly a “delay slip”. Moreover, what’s the benefit of a service which can carry words but leaves the emotions at the sender’s address! That is why telephonic conversations have been developed to feel the very closeness. So leave those postcards and SMS and enter into the new age of Wavedeck!

Wavedeck Voice messenger PTT, as the name suggests is a voice messenger app that has been developed by Wavedeck Media Limited. The app works perfectly similar to a text messenger. It takes full advantage of the popular interface used in all messengers such as email, SMS, etc. It’s just that your messages are in form of recorded voice of your own. It’s simple, fast and fun. Now, no more emoticons are needed to clarify the exact meaning of what you just wrote down. Wavedeck will do it for you!

As you launch the app, you are required to create an account. It is as simple as typing in your mobile no. for the verification code to be sent. Then, head on to the app and instantly send and receive voice messages on the go. All you need to do is tap for the new message and start recording your message. But remember to hold the “speak” button during your entire conversation because as soon as you drop it, recording will end. It is to ensure that you don’t record or send the message by mistake similar to a walky-talky. Then, just type in the recipient’s phone no. and send the message. It will be delivered instantly. So, the app serves like a voice chat box.

You can import your contacts in the app for fast access to all the numbers as well as send group messages. Suppose you want to wish Christmas to your family. Then, record the message and select the Family Group and it will be sent to all the members of that group. You can also email the received messages to third party sources. But similar to many other apps, the app can be used for Wavedeck users only i.e. you can’t even send messages to non-Wavedeck users or receive from them.

The app is very easy to use. The voice quality was good even when there was some fast wind blowing our hairs. You can check all the logs of the previous messages and manage them as easily as deleting a message. Remember that if you are waiting for any personal message to come soon, put your headphones on. Otherwise, the message will be played on the phone speakers and might reveal some important information.

The app is available for free in the App Store and is an “obviously good deal” for anyone. Just don’t hesitate and waste time looking for another similar option, as there is none.

Pros: easy to use interface, instant messages, good voice quality, group messaging, free.

Cons: limited to Wavedeck users only.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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