Citizen Mint

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Citizen Mint offers a trusted, simple platform for wealth advisors, foundations, and family offices to access best-in-class private market impact investments at low minimums, while leveraging innovative technology to eliminate the administrative burdens of investing in and reporting on private market investments.

Access to Private Market Impact Investments Is Limited

  • Access to top-tier fund managers is curated.
  • Minimum investments begin at $10,000.
  • Streamlined process allows for investment in minutes
  • Benefits to society or the environment

Benefits to Advisors

Expert sourcing and affordable minimums

They offer exclusive access to rigorously vetted opportunities at minimums your clients can handle (starting at $10,000).

Invest in minutes

Their platform automates the steps required for private market investments, reducing the time required from days to minutes.

Advantage in the marketplace

Stay ahead of the rising demand for impact investments by providing clients with one-of-a-kind opportunities that align with their values.

Asset Classes – Numerous Ways To Diversify Your Portfolios

  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Private Equity
  • Private Credit
  • Venture Capital
  • Thematic Impact Funds
  • Natural Resources

Citizen Mint is a signatory to the recognised globally Principles for Responsible Investment, demonstrating our public commitment to responsible investing.

Citizen Mint is committed to aligning and reporting on each investment in relation to the UN SDGs, which are a global commitment to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges.

Citizen Mint has pledged to donate 1% of profits to non-profit organisations that work to address societal and environmental issues.

What makes Citizen Mint different?

They have much lower minimums than almost all other platforms on the market, in addition to no conflicts of interest. Furthermore, we can collaborate with advisors to develop a creative research agenda for new investment opportunities based on their clients’ demand for impact opportunities (e.g., climate change, affordable/workforce housing, sustainability, community development, and so on).

Final Thoughts – Why should you use Citizen Mint?

Citizen Mint provides direct access to private market impact investments that have been thoroughly vetted. Value-Add: Private market impact investments necessitate extensive vetting and due diligence, which the Citizen Mint team excels at.

Their investment team has decades of experience managing multibillion-dollar portfolios at large institutional asset managers and wealth management firms. This includes developing ESG, sustainability, and impact investing programmes in both the public and private sectors.



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