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Teamcal AI is a Meeting Automation Platform designed for today’s team managers. It integrates with your existing Google or Outlook Calendar to help you automate meeting-related tasks so you can focus on the important stuff.

Different working hours, time zones, and calendars resemble a Rubik’s cube with many moving parts. They understand the consequences in terms of lost time and missed project deadlines.

Teamcal AI is a meeting automation platform allowing seamless meetings across teams, calendars, companies, and time zones. Meeting coordination is no longer a hassle and only takes seconds with Teamcal AI. This provides a consistent timeline for your business goal. You can have a stress-free day at work while still performing to your full potential.

Technology has progressed to make people’s jobs easier. As a result, AI is increasingly used in many aspects of daily life and work. is the tool that will help your organization overcome past organizational time problems and achieve efficiency. This automation platform can sync your calendar and automate pre-meeting, in-meeting, and post-meeting activities.

Key Features of Teamcal AI                               

  • It is straightforward to install and use as a tool for meeting scheduling. Similarly, you can downgrade to a lower plan or cancel it entirely.
  • A busy schedule is no longer an excuse for not getting organized or knowing when the best time is to meet with someone or your entire team.
  • The most significant feature is the low cost. Compared to other calendar tools, our plans and pricing are very reasonable. They offer three programs: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Each of them has a special set of features.

Quick Appointments

Set up 1-click meetings with clients, cross-functional teams, and contractors across companies, calendars, and time zones with a single click.

Click Meeting Link for Teams

Share the availability of your Team. Create a one-of-a-kind Team Meeting Link and share it with your clients, channel partners, and others. There is no need to switch between internal and external stakeholders.

Click Meetings with Clients

Learn about the benefits of sharing your availability without exposing your calendar. Create a one-of-a-kind Meeting Link and post it on your website. Control the meeting link for your entire team.

Click Team Meetings

Ignore the dreaded colorful calendar screen where you add each member and attempt to solve the 2d Rubik’s puzzle. Establish a team once, then click Meet to see everyone’s available time slots.

Time to Concentrate on Your Goals

Saving the Timebox generates a dedicated calendar slot for your goals. You can simply configure alerts to notify you when a specific timebox begins.

Final Say

Experience a stress-free day at work without bottlenecks caused by location, timezone, or calendars. With a single click, meetings can be coordinated across teams, calendars, companies, and time zones. Automation and artificial intelligence will power the future of work.

Web App: Teamcal AI


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