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WeVideo has been known for its video editing application that has been available till now for the Chrome Web Store alone. The company has now taken its next leap by creating a free Android app, although with limited features. Those who have used it first noticed the simple and great- looking interface. The app itself has been kept simple but allows quality editing and trimming of the video clips on your mobile device.

There are a lot of enhancing and appealing features that this app has to boast of. You can directly record videos onto your mobile device, edit them to add a plethora of effects, upload your videos to its cloud and even trim them as per your need. You can also edit photos and music from your mobile device besides just videos.

WeVideo helps you unleash your creative skills and inspire your video-making talents with this app. It allows you the freedom of adjusting the volume of your tracks, arranging clips, adding a touch of style with the splendid WeVideo themes, unique video effects and its built-in music. Add your own titles, filters and transitions to make your video unique and enterprising. Once you have created your final videos, the app allows you to import them to YouTube, WeVideo or Vimeo or share them on Facebook or Twitter, with one single click.

One of the most striking and unique features of the WeVideo- Video Editor app is that it syncs your mobile device with its cloud. This means any changes made will not be lost even if they aren’t saved, giving you the power to edit videos with full control. Further, you can also access your projects from your computer or another device on account of it being stored on a cloud. Videos recorded with this app can also be stored on the gallery of your mobile device with equal ease and comfort.

This android app has a very simple interface with essential basic features that work quite well. However, there is a lack of features to edit audio, making it very hard to sync with any kind of music files. The themes available are inbuilt but there is no option for customizing your own themes. This would be a welcome additional feature. Although the inbuilt themes are varied, they don’t also suit the theme of your video.

Capturing moments and memories on the spot with WeVideo-Video Editor is a highly simplified task. Then, you can edit them and share them with family and friends. You can produce videos of high quality with this android app and also edit them to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a simple video editor to perform basic video editing, then WeVideo would be an excellent and impressive choice. However, if you want to look into more granular edits, then this app lacks tools to do that. There are many features like the cloud sync, social networking and simple interface that give you more than you expect from just any basic video editor app.

Good: Cloud sync, simple interface

Bad: Lack of customizable themes and audio-editing features

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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