What Exactly Is UptimeTea?

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UptimeTea keeps track of your projects, notifies you when they go down, and provides a dashboard to track your uptime. It is the best tool for monitoring how well websites are performing. UptimeTea checks to see if your business services are operational.

Important Features of UptimeTea

Monitoring of Websites

  • Keep an eye on your API, WordPress, or any site or single-page URL.

Monitoring of Cron Jobs

  • Check not only the heartbeat of CronJobs but also whether they are running.

HTTPS Tracking

  • Check to see if your website uses HTTPS and if your certificate is valid or about to expire.

Domains Surveillance

  • Be notified if a domain becomes available or is about to expire.

Monitoring of Servers

  • Check that your servers are operational and that there are no RAM, CPU, or disc issues.

Monitoring Backups

  • Keep a close eye on your daily/weekly backups and be the first to know if they fail.

Monitoring of Ports

  • Secure your servers by ensuring that no ports are open or vulnerable.

Ping Tracking

  • Check that your servers are operational and that there are no RAM, CPU, or disc issues.

Email Surveillance

  • Check POP3, IMAP, and SMTP accounts and be notified if any fail.


Page of Status

Create a status page for your services and projects where you can send updates to customers. Thank you for the personalized message.


When your services are down, you will receive SMS or phone calls. Establish an on-call person for your assistance.


Make your Dashboard unique by adding your own logo, colours, and branding.

Final Thoughts

UptimeTea is the quality monitoring tool for websites, SAAS, APIs, and other services. They can keep your team members or managers up to date on the status of your services.

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