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WhatsOnFlix is one of the best apps for Android available for Android and iOS users. This reputed app updates you on what to watch next on Netflix. The app professionally assists you to discover, filter, and search the latest movies, series over Netflix. They are developed by Zeemo UG & Co. Certainly you can get rid of the streaming problems or chaos of the Netflix catalog for your favorite entertainment buckets.

Why users need WhatsOnFlix App?

This popular On-demand app, Netflix has immensely brought recent changes in its algorithm. Moreover Netflix is promoting just their originals in the “New” section and titles stay New for months. In addition they don’t inform you of what’s expiring soon. WhatsOnFlix app is special here that enumerates what to watch next, and what will expire soon.

WhatsOnFlix app absolutely enhances the Netflix experience by notifying users what’s truly the latest, and what’s going to be removed soon. The app qualitatively provides improved search engine and filters to help users don’t miss a title they’ve wanted to watch.

Key Features of the best new android apps, WhatsOnFlix app

  • One of the quality Android apps useful in daily life for Netflixaholics
  • Complete Netflix catalog for the US
  • Regular listing of newly added & expiring content
  • Regular improvement updates
  • Nicely blended data from IMDb and TMDb
  • It is boundless Netflix search-engine

Professionally discover what’s trending

WhatsOnFlix’s professionally augmented discovery helps you reveal, what’s exactly new on Netflix, what’s soon to be removed from it. It allows you check out the new movies and shows, not just Netflix originals. It is possible to discover the upcoming titles, to plan your Saturday holiday with push notifications to know what’s coming next.

Develop your own Watchlist

Firstly sign in or register to begin using the watchlist. Then build a collection to track your favorites. Watchlist assists you to get notified of new episodes/seasons, you picked.