Why Are Huawei Phones So Popular?

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Mobile phones have become the No.1 necessity in people’s lives these days. We use them to chat with friends and family, to browse the net, check out the latest posts on social media, etc. They enabled us to do many things on-the-go that we previously thought that they are impossible. Let’s take the games as an example. We all remember the days when Sony Ericsson and Nokia had the best games. Well, today, mobile games like PUBG, Pokemon GO, Clash Royale, and many more are breath-taking when it comes to the graphics and the user experience.

Many mobile-friendly online gaming sites are also growing rapidly. Take online casinos as an example. They revolutionized the way we look at gambling and offered something much more to the players. If you want to check them out, play now for a chance to win a handsome prize.

We all know that Apple and Samsung were dominating the market until a few years ago. Apple started to over-price their phones and Samsung had a new competitor, the one that we are going to talk about right now – Huawei. The Chinese company somehow managed to catapult itself to the forefront of the global mobile phone industry and offer something different, which is why many people started favoring them ahead of Samsung and Apple. Which were some of the key factors that enabled Huawei to expand so rapidly?

Cheaper Than the Competition

In the beginning, Huawei targeted middle-class customers that didn’t have a high budget for spending. They started making average phones that were much better than the phones of the same class by Samsung but came at a much cheaper price. While Samsung was selling phones for $700 and higher, Huawei offered them for less than $500. Soon, people starting noticing the quality and price, and logically began buying the Huawei phones.

After they established an excellent reputation, they started making top-tier phones for which we are going to talk about in the next paragraph, and sold them much cheaper than the competition. All of the major mobile companies were caught off-guard and Huawei took full advantage of that.

Great Performance

The one thing that surprised every mobile phone user was the fact that Huawei started leading the market in making phones with extraordinary performances. For example, the new Huawei Mate 30 Pro had some of the best features to date and everyone loved it.

The performances of every phone were either leveled or better than the rest of the competition and as we mentioned earlier, the phones came at the most reasonable prices.

Innovative and Unique New Attributes

In the past couple of years, Huawei were the leaders when it came to being innovative and having unique attributes. They were the ones who revolutionized the cameras and started producing phones with over 40MP triple and quadruple cameras. The in-screen fingerprint was also made famous by Huawei. And finally, the company was between the first that incorporated the bigger screen and started using ‘the notch’.

There is no doubt that Huawei has some of the best phones on the market. The staff at the company reports that many more unique phones are coming and that leaves us excited to see what the future has to offer.


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