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Do wines fascinate you? If yes, then here’s one app you have to check out. Wineosphere, an iPhone app, entirely focuses on wines from New Zealand and Australia. These are the more exquisite ones that you are most likely to try out in your life. As the name suggests, the app revolves around the world of wines, giving you reviews and recommendations about each.

One thing that can be said about this app is that it has been designed with a lot of passion. After all, only true passion can bring out truly wonderful results in life. Be it designing an app or working on a project or helping out someone. In this case, the app is overflowing with passion for unique design and testing of wines in Australia and New Zealand. The app has indeed been designed beautifully by Tantsissa. The menus are intuitive, the app is easy to navigate and the search results are worth your time. All in all, the app is a treat for the eyes and is very responsive and stable at the same time.

Irrespective of whether you are planning to try out wines or are passionate about them, this app will give you some good information about Aussie ad Kiwi wines. Once you get started with the app, the first thing you will come across is quick guidelines on how to make the best out of this app. The information is pretty detailed and covers a lot of fields including availability, reviews, prices, description of taste, comparisons and more. The app boasts of a database of about 25000 reviews, each of which are independent and complete. There are last minute additions that can be downloaded instantly. To add to the features, this app comes with a news section that keeps you posted about the latest developments in the world of wines across the globe.

The main aim of Wineosphere is to link people who are wine fanatics. It connects wine lovers across the globe through a built-in social network. As is obvious from the name and app description, it is more beneficial for those living in Australia. Nevertheless, anyone who lies wines is sure to learn a lot from it. The library of knowledge about wines, wine ordering from the app directly and many other features justify this claim.

The social network part has been handles very well by the developers. You can share photos and comments with friends privately or share them publicly for the entire community to see. The app integrates with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to make sharing special moments easier. You can manage your privacy settings to allow only your friends to view what you post as well. If you like a stream of posts, you can follow them to keep yourself updated too. The app allows you to maintain your personal collection of interests, cellars and bookmarks as well in addition to getting top wine reviews and recommendations.

Wineosphere is available in the App store for download for free. All it requires is 65.2 MB of space and iOS 7.0 or higher. The developers are constantly adding more suppliers and features to the app. The wine gossip, reviews and articles are sure to get you hooked and intrigued at the same time.

Good: Social network

Bad: None


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