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Nowadays, social media is very tricky and the digital marketers have to work a lot on the various layers of social media marketing to achieve success. Social media is a real platform to bridge the gap between companies and clients and it helps you build your brand/business. While there is a tough competition in social media marketing, there is also a wider scope for brands to get popular and establish a strong connection with the target audience.

What Is Woofy?

Woofy is a social media marketing platform that helps its clients’ connect with the customers and increase their numbers. It enables clients to maximize its digital media audience with the help of various tools like the Woofy’s artificial intelligence, voice driven technology, and compliance engine.

How It Works?

As you sign up with Woofy, it helps you to execute your marketing campaigns with ease. Its efficient AI makes a relevant content for you, the compliance engine skims your library for content compliance and gives you the necessary suggestions.

The innovative built-in voice assist feature of Woofy helps users to command their campaigns and make new ones and move the platform by simply speaking. Woofy generates authentic content from URL’s, RSS feeds, and other sources that clients’ provide thereby saving them a lot of time. Woofy brings everything under one social media dashboard. It supports Instagram posting, Facebook groups and Pages, LinkedIn profiles, pages and groups and also Twitter.

Woofy Scheduler App:

Woofy Inc also provides a free app for iPhone users on the App Store. This productivity app helps you take care of your social media content posting in a flexible manner and also helps improve your performance on Instagram. It also assists you in generating the content for your social media campaigns and helps you avoid the redundant content. With this app, you will also be able to post on multiple Instagram accounts.

Woofy Pricing:

Woofy comes for a price of 44.10 dollars per month when you choose for a half yearly plan and a price of 41.65 dollars per month when you choose for an annual plan. Individual monthly plan comes at 49 dollars and free plans are available with limited functionalities.

Woofy is your single answer to the question, how do I manage my social media strategy? Whether it is creating new content, avoiding redundant ones, analyzing insights and making your social media marketing more efficient, this single web app helps you on your way. This social media marketing tool helps you to automate tasks, saves you a lot of time and focus on results that are much efficient.

Worth Having app – Try Hellowoofy today


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