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A few days ago, I was looking for a powerful video player that would work on all formats with subtitles. XoPlayer is the one that saved me from the frustration of not being able to play videos due to a missing codec or format and it’s super easy to use! It has an easy-to-use controller and you can also download subtitles automatically.

With millions of people using XoPlayer, there’s a reason it is the most popular video player among users. The most important feature to me is the simple and easy-to-use controller. I love that it supports every kind of video format so that I can watch videos from any website or app. It also supports subtitles so my family never misses out on what’s going on!

XoPlayer is a powerful HD video player that supports all video formats with subtitles.
Easy to use video controller.
XoPlayer reads and loads all video files automatically and presents them in a folder view or list view.

XoPlayer features:

• Change theme
• play
• Equalizer
• Zoom in/Zoom out
• Lock /Unlock controller
• Video file sorting
• All format support
• Swipe gestures support
• Manage playback speed
• Search video files
• Share videos with your friends

Take Away

I highly recommend Xo Video Player to anyone. It is a powerful HD video player that supports all video formats with subtitles and the interface is very intuitive. I use this app daily and it’s one of my favourite pieces of software that I have never seen before! I use it on my laptop, tablet, and phone so I can always enjoy my favourite movies. Xo Video Player is a great video player that supports all video formats. It also has an easy-to-use video controller with multi-touch gestures and subtitle support. I love it!


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