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Web based life has surely gotten popular during the last recent decades. Social networking was at one time a trial in correspondence to communication and later advanced into stages that figured how much close would personal information would be shared by individuals into the online media. The internet based life stays to be a tremendous piece of individuals’ lives each day. At the point when you have a need to contact a huge crowd, social media is an extraordinary use of hardware. There are a great many individuals on the web making it a decent open door for you to arrive at leads. Through web-based social networking you find a good pace direct association with your crowd. At the point when you find a workable pace by and by, you likewise find a good pace better and addition important experiences into how individuals respect you. Social media also presents much number of connections to people around the world. One can speak to their friends from anywhere in the world. It is also easy to share pictures, videos and other files without any complication.

How the application functions:

Download and introduce the ‘Yooul’ application on to your mobile phone and other savvy gadgets. Yooul is an online forum where you can talk to anybody with no obstruction to language. When you type something in your local language to someone else around the world, the application changes it over to the client’s language.  In Yooul you can easily converse with any person across the world. The benefit of using this app is that it is not necessary that you need to know the language of the person you are communicating to.

This permits individuals from all over the globe to express their feeling.

Highlights of the application:

•             Language conversation makes it easy for conversation

•             Chat rooms

Good with:

iOS and Android.


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