You never need to say ‘Here’s my business card’ again with HomePage

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Storing each other’s contact information has never been very convenient. Manually entering phone numbers, exchanging business cards and so on. Usually, the information we exchange is outdated within a few years. So what’s the point in networking many of the connections you make throughout your career become severed because of outdated contact information?

HomePage completely changes the way we store and share our contact information, taking the contact list into the modern age, considering all the ways we communicate. But it stores more than phone numbers, you can save your email address, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel and other social media handles. It’s the all-in-one, real time contact list.

What about your privacy? HomePage lets you add people to ‘Contacts’ if you only want to share certain information with them, and ‘connections’ are close family and friends who you’d like to share wider contact info with.

HomePage creates a unique ‘MyCard’ which is a personalized QR code that’s “Always you”. If you chance any information, update your MyCard and it’ll sync with your contacts. Whether you’re physically in the room with a person or not, it’s easy to share your MyCard. This makes HomePage especially useful for physical and virtual networking events, where the pitfalls of exchanging business cards are avoided. Even in 5 years and numerous job-changes, the connections you create will not be lost.

For your close family and friends, HomePage also serves as a social media platform. It’s a way for you to chat, share statuses, posts, updates and videos with those closest to you. Share memories, moments and plants without sharing them with the world.

To download HomePage, visit the App Store, Google Play or through the website at


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