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Younity is an app that allows users to share media between their computer and their iPad or iPhone. This obviously has many practical uses that can render users to save time and money for other software. The Younity app is a very clean and functional app that has a lot of features that can be quite helpful to anyonewho has an IOS device and a Mac. Some of the features include:

1. Offline Access: Anything that you share and download is available for offline access meaning that you can see all your files with having an internet connection.
2. Unlimited Storage: There aren’t any restrictions as to how much you can share between your devices.
3. Privacy: Your data is your data, and Younity promises to keep it that way.
4. You can share any size files. There aren’t restrictions as to how big your file can be.
5. Streaming all types of videos
There is are some obvious pros and cons to this app as well.

1. You can access anytime, anywhere once you have downloaded a file.
2. It is pretty simple for sharing between devices.
3. The app is very simple, and the interface looks very clean.
4. Supports many files and transfers including iTunes libraries, GoPro videos, movies, photos, Adobe Lightroom and Apple Photos Libraries.
5. You can sign up easily – with facebook, google account, or email.
6. Easy to use search button
7. You can easily share files to your contacts.
8. You can stream movies, GoPro videos, or just home videos that you took over the years.
9. Small and lightweight.

1. I did not receive a verification email when signing up, so I was forced to sign up with a Google account.
2. The color scheme of the app can be improved since it was odd seeing white text on a black box on a gray background. It can be enhanced to fit the logo colors (aquamarine and white color scheme)

Final verdict: As free software, this app exceeds all expectations and goes above and beyond what most free softwares can do. The (mostly) seamless sign-up process and the bug-free app allows for frustration free sharing. The many features of the app are very appealing and really brings a new level to this app. The ability to share music, videos, pictures and other files from one device to another is something that cannot be underestimated. The uses are endless and with unlimited sharing and offline access, there is no stress about not having your files on another device. It makes it so easy when you can send files to your contacts or through Facebook. When you can easily use Younity with Instagram, it makes sharing to social media and your life so much easier. Streaming all different types of videos is a great feature that many videographers, movie watchers, and GoPro enthusiasts will be sure to enjoy. The app is very lightweight and is small in size.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this app to anyone trying to increase their productivity and be able to share their files from one device to another.

Worth Having App – Download for IOSDownload for Android


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