Your Life Is Now Simply Organized with TaskDo: Task & Reminder

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We all are busy with our daily errands and it would be a lot easier if we can keep things organized. If there is something that could help us plan all our work and never miss anything that would be very useful. You may have online classes to take or give, mails to send, plans to go to the gym or grocery, and so on. There is a very fair chance that you may end up forgetting something. One best way to free up all the mental stress of reminding things is to delegate these to the smartphone that is beside us all the time. 

This unique app allows you to stay above all your time, life, and activities. Given by iDruf, the app TaskDo: Task & Reminder belongs to the productivity category in the Play Store. The app helps you to simplify all your plans and schedule and manage your timings. Users of the app can easily view all the current and future reminders or schedules on the graph. There is also a filter option in the app that allows you to configure them on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. 

TaskDo: Task & Reminder is a single place where you can get to see all the activities, tasks related to it, and when you need to finish them. You can also be sure that the scheduling you have planned will work fine and you can reschedule it in case it doesn’t seem to work. All the activities and the relevant information can be viewed visually and you can stay organized the entire day. Several activities can be controlled and we must make sure they are completed on time. 

By visualizing in the app, you can see how long the activities will last and also get a reminder when an activity starts and ends. TaskDo: Task & Reminder comes with a clean and neat interface that makes the total process of getting your tasks done on time much easier. 

When you have any queries, you can write to the team at You can find the team on Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. The most impressive features of the app are the charts, repeat reminders on specific weekdays, repeat reminders every 30d, date filter, dark mode theme, the timer that runs in the background, and the awesome colours. It comes with innumerable elements as in-app purchases.

The app is compatible with Android 6.0 or later versions and the users can also get it for Microsoft. When it comes to being reminded and setting up alarms at the prompt time, TaskDo: Task & Reminder is the perfect tool. This can help improve your focus and productivity in no time. This is one handy cool little assistant that lets you be on track all the time. 

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