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All over the globe, we have a lot of zip codes and it can be confusing when you need to organize them manually. Free Zip Code API’s allow you to fetch zip codes in a few seconds. This website helps you to fetch all the related zip codes from the surroundings. You can use them for finding jobs or for locating a housing/real estate web app.

We have a wide range of opportunities when we use these API and a few common uses of them are as follows. These API’s allow you to convert zip codes for a city/town or vice versa, get the distance between two zip codes, organise a list of zip codes or get zip codes from a nearby radius, etc.

You can try the Zipcodebase on the website by typing any pin code and see how it works for yourself. I was really surprised to see the results. The web app provides you with the documentation to get the list of postal codes in city, state or country. The app allows you to receive information about the primary location of each zip code and also easily calculate the distance between two or multiple zip codes and the results are delivered in km or miles.

The app assists you to identify and connect with many APIs, discover each one of them, test them from your browser, connect using code snippets and manage all the APIs from one dashboard. The app helps you to fetch worldwide data from more than a 100 countries, process 10,000 free requests / month at a much fair pricing.

The company offers various pricing codes for different use cases. The different pricing plans of are small, medium, large, very large and unlimited. All the contracts can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time. These plans vary with the monthly requests, concurrent requests, commercial usage, support, service level agreement, HTTPS encryption and onboarding. You can make use of the free plan in order to try some of the features of the app for free.

The benefits of using Zipcodebase are that the data is being updated and verified from multiple sources to ensure accuracy. The API gives the utmost performance even when you request high volume of data. The JSON format that the API returns is easy to use and integrate into any application. The web app comes with a much fair pricing that asks you to pay only for what you need.

You can connect with the team through the contact form on the website. The team strives to reply at the earliest instant possible. Zipcodebase is one easier means to calculate distances, radius, and locations for all the zip codes present worldwide.

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