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Arc Game Studio has just announced the forthcoming publication of the innovative new puzzle game app, Zombie Sweeper. This special puzzled game has been carried out wonderfully and it is suitable for all ages and furnishes more than 40 zombie types to kill, and 9 bosses to smite.

There are more than 250 stages in the game, users have to search for mines and sweep them on each level. This fresh, new app provides an unusual approach on a zombie action game. The real innovtion in the game is the multiplayer mode, with this function, players can rival and rank with friends. You don’t need wifi to enjoy the thrills of this amazing game, it provides an opportunity to escape anytime. When you wish.

The main character of the game is Kent. He is the subject of a secret military bio-weapon experiment. His getaway has resulted in a zombie rebellion and the government organized a special inquiry squad called USTF (Undead Special Task Force) to chase and catch the subject alive. You will play the role of USTF’s commanding officer, the future of the world rests with you.

What are the features of the game?

1. Find and sweep (minesweeper) gameplay mechanic.

2. Ill-bred, tension-deriving strikes.

3. Loose-fitting action to enjoy at your own leisure.

4. Puzzle games with a new approach.

5. A cinematographic scenario.

6. 250 stages.

7. More than 40 zombie types and 9 bosses to satisfy your killer instincts.

8. Various succeedings.

9. Rival and outrank with friends.

10. All this at no expense!

This game is suitable for you, if…

1. You just love (to kill) zombies

2. You really appreciate puzzle games

3. Action games are enjoyable for you

4. You are looking for something new and exciting

5. You want to get rid of the tension

About the Company

Arc Game Studio is practically a unipersonal studio, which can be fun and interesting (imagine, you make your own game), but it definitely has a tough side too: it is challenging. The developer has to work as a zombie almost everyday.


Of course other developers have also released similar games that are trying to rival Zombie Sweeper.


Similarly, you have to proceed stages by killing zombies and subtracting from numbers to detect the zombies.

Candy Crush Saga

Here, the mission is given to you to scrub at each stage. When you finish a chapter, a boss stage awaits you.

A spokesperson for Zombie Sweeper states, “This exciting new game is easy to start, but hard to put down, allowing gamers to hone in on their skills and achieve success. Zombie Sweeper was created with adventurous gamers in mind, providing challenging missions that increase in difficulty”.

You may buy soon Zombie Sweeper on the App Store. You just have to wait until the end of the year. If you are curious about further details of the app, just visit their website at

Launching Info

– OS Type: iOS, AOS

– Launching Date: Aug-Sep, 2017(tentative)

– Launching Market: US, Europe