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The mission of ZTrucking is to help carriers thrive by providing a competitive advantage over large corporations. They are solely dedicated to assisting small and medium-sized carriers to remain safe and FMCSA compliant, streamlining their day-to-day operations and saving them time, money, and their business’s viability.

Why ZTrucking        

  • You do not have actually a preventative maintenance plan in any of the places.
  • You are a small carrier with a limited budget for hiring personnel.
  • You require a fully customizable paycheck and invoicing system.
  • You do not have an inspection schedule.
  • Your driver onboarding procedure is lengthy.
  • You require a more effective method of organizing your documents and records.

Maintain FMCSA compliance for your company and assets

  • Sustain FMCSA compliance for your carrier by identifying and validating the required documents.
  • Confirm that your drivers are FMCSA compliant by identifying and validating their required documents and processes, such as random drug tests.
  • Maintain FMCSA compliance for your vehicles by identifying and validating documents such as DOT inspections, registrations, and others.

Record-Keeping in the Cloud

  • Smart documents contain hyperlinks to specific assets.
  • AI detects and alerts you to missing or expired documents.
  • Technology that responds to user input and provides timely notifications
  • On their Cloud, record keeping is safe, accessible, and efficient.

Daily Safety Audit

  • Conduct a daily FMCSA audit to examine the following:
  • Records and documents for carriers to maintain FMCSA compliance
  • Driver records and documents to ensure FMCSA compliance
  • Vehicle records and papers are required to ensure that vehicles are FMCSA compliant.
  • Notifies carriers of any FMCSA-required records or documents that are missing or have expired.
  • Preventive maintenance inspections

Control Driver Payments and Paychecks

  • Driver payments are processed in seconds.
  • Pays on a percentage basis
  • Allows fleets to record driver expenses in a flexible and customizable manner.
  • Provides a variety of driver payments based on mileage, percentage, or a fixed system.
  • Automatically detects and reports missing or duplicate payments.

Invoice Management 

  • Tracking customer invoicing in seconds
  • You can generate invoice fleet confirmations, bol, invoices, and more with a single click.
  • FMS automatically detects and reports missing or unpaid invoices.

Permissions & Users

  • ​​Employees have granular access and permission.
  • Simple, role-based access for dispatchers and other personnel of your choosing. Users’ content access can be restricted.
  • Establishing authority, factoring, fuel cards, insurance, and other factors as a new entrant service for future carriers

Final Words

Dispatching tools and flexible expense and document recording are powerful tools for managing your carrier’s day-to-day business operations. With everything, you need in one safe location. This carrier management software can help your company thrive and begin saving money.

Web App: ZTrucking


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