Top 4 iOS Apps for Real Money


You use your iPhone to stay in touch with the social media, call your loved ones, take photos, listen to music, learn piano, etc. However, did you know that you can use it to make some real money as well? Internet offers a great number of opportunities today and if you have an iOS based phone or tablet, then you …

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Tryaround Appslisto 700x466

Have you ever noticed that there is a drastic change in the nation after the 19th century? Today, the fast food we eat is unhealthy and there are millions of categories of food that are spoiling people. People don’t prefer to eat healthy and continental food items until they are forced to eat. They are always excited to go to …

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BBF iPhone App – Full of Fun

Bbf 700x409

BBF stands for Burp, Belch, and Fart. The app is very much engaging.Using it makes one more creative and make one sharp.It is challenging and thus using can help improve your memory.This is because it provides games that are more complicated as you move from one level to the next. A lot of creativity is thus required a long the …

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Why Bitcoin Is Every Gamer’s Favorite Currency

Bitcoin 2

Bitcoin have been enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity after years of scrutiny, uncertainty and obscurity. Nowadays, you can find the mysterious crypto-currency Bitcoin gracing the front pages of Business Insider, Forbes, The Guardian and pretty much any other major worldwide publication. Indeed, after numerous trials and tribulations, Bitcoin is finally in the public sphere and considered a mainstream concept …

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In this present world of selfie, there is nothing that we can’t do or try to do. Everything is possible to turn you from one person to another by means of various apps. For example- you can edit your photo, make it look good, add masks, change hair style, change moods, swap your face onto someone else’s and change gender …

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ezyCollect APP Review – For IOS and Android


Automation is the way of the future and it’s helping businesses scrape back their scarcest resources: time and money. ezyCollect’s automation solution lets you be hands free when it comes to sending overdue invoice reminders to late payers. More than that, it’s a complete debtor management application ideal for businesses generating large numbers of invoices each month. ezyCollect is best …

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