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BBF stands for Burp, Belch, and Fart.

The app is very much engaging.Using it makes one more creative and make one sharp.It is challenging and thus using can help improve your memory.This is because it provides games that are more complicated as you move from one level to the next. A lot of creativity is thus required a long the way as you progressively play the games.

It is great, especially if one has stress.It carries the attention of the user and thus relief them from their pressuring thoughts.One good thing that makes one concentrate on the games is awarding of points from level to the other.In the process, the whole attention is taken and you forget everything that was disturbing you.

BBF is entertaining and is the best option of doing away with boredom.One can be able to animate the phone screen and automatically generate funny motions by just tapping on the activated buttons.Games, clips and funny actions make it unique and eye-catching.


BBF is suitable for iPhone,iPod, and iPad. It works best for IOS 8.0 or newer versions.No installation problems encountered with the app.It does not hang as you use it, it does not take much memory space in the gadget and more, it does not result in device heating however how long you keep using it.

Why BBF?

The is fully functional and has no bugs. It has classified entertainments -games and funny clips.It is a good experience and a source of jokes with friends.The app is hours of laughs and highly addictive.You need not be with anyone to be happy.With this app, you could make fun all day through by yourself.The app has made life sweet and enjoyable even without much in the pocket. It has proved that one must not own a TV to get entertained. It is actually wholesome for all.


It provides for fun like burp, belch, fart, sneeze, and snort.
Enables the user to become more creative and sharp in reasoning.
The funny clips can be played and watched anywhere.
It is not restrictive of age-can be used by anyone.
It is a better method of spending leisure time.
The app has a good well-organized user interface with menus that are easier to follow and use.
The application has no side effects to the phone.


It is addictive and can lead to failure to perform daily or routine duties.
It is not compatible with other platforms like Android.
It is only installable to IOS version 8.0 or newer

The app is easily accessible from the internet and affordable for everyone.The charges made to download it is not worth the fun and happiness it can induce in your life.Have your stress cure at your hand all the time and everywhere.I would, therefore, recommend you visit the app store and get it installed in your gadget and you will never regret purchasing it.Happiness is worth the last coin of a man and therefore you should not miss it.

Worth Having App – Download the App