Top 4 iOS Apps for Real Money

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You use your iPhone to stay in touch with the social media, call your loved ones, take photos, listen to music, learn piano, etc. However, did you know that you can use it to make some real money as well?

Internet offers a great number of opportunities today and if you have an iOS based phone or tablet, then you can download a variety of apps that can help you make real money.

The following are the top 4 iOS apps that you can get started with:

  1. Surveys on the Go

The first app up is Surveys on the go this app allows you to make money by sharing your experience and opinions. Basically, you tell what you feel about the companies from around the world and answer some basic questions. In return, you earn real money.

While there are many “surveys” apps on the iTunes store that work on the same principle as Surveys on the Go, it’s probably the only app that pays directly in cash and not points or some other kind of indirect incentive. It also notifies you whenever new surveys are available so that you complete them as soon as you get time to make more quick bucks.

  1. Bet365

Did you know you can make money while actually having fun? The Bet365 app available for IOS and Android enables you to make real money by playing some of your favorite casino games such as poker, slots, live roulette, live blackjack etc. What’s more- you get up to $200 as a joining bonus!

You can use Bet365 for making money through other ways too such as placing bets on a wide range of sports such as soccer, basketball, etc.

  1. Field Agent

What do you feel about becoming a field agent in return for some decent pay? Basically, what you need to do is download the Field Agent app from the iTunes store and accept small assignments that show up from time to time. These usually require you to complete a simple task such as taking a few pictures of a nearby landmark or collecting information about a product/service at a grocery store or a mall that’s located near you.

Field Agent typically pays their “agents” anywhere between $2 to $12 per assignment depending on the work required. The company claims to have paid more than $6 million to thousands of their “agents” so far.

  1. Viggle

Viggle allows you to make money doing something that you have been doing for free all your life, i.e. watching TV shows and movies!

Every time you “check into” the Viggle app while watching a movie or a TV show on your actual TV it gives you Perk Points. Collect enough of these points and you can exchange them for rewards or enter sweepstakes for a chance to win gift cards for popular brands such as Walmart, Amazon, PayPal, etc.

So, these were some of the best apps that you can download on your iPhone or iPad to earn some real money. Feel free to check them all out and see which do you like the most. You can also experiment with other similar apps available on iTunes.


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