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Have you ever noticed that there is a drastic change in the nation after the 19th century? Today, the fast food we eat is unhealthy and there are millions of categories of food that are spoiling people. People don’t prefer to eat healthy and continental food items until they are forced to eat. They are always excited to go to restaurants to enjoy their meal and switch to unhealthy food. But they’re totally unaware about it. Due to the taste of food they can’t control themselves from eating that unhygienic food.

Do you know why our ancestors were fit and fine during their age? The reason being, they ate what they want and did a lot of physical work therefore, remained healthy . But today, the scenario has changed. People are unable to digest heavy foods or fast foods due to lack of physical work. They are only eating and doing a sitting job which is not good for their health and increases their weight rapidly.

So, apart from a busy schedule, you should take some time for a physical activity. You can choose anything among your hobbies also and start that activity. If you’re unable to make a routine for your physical activities, then you can consult someone and that ‘someone’ is “Try Around”, your calorie counter and fitness tracker app.

Try Around is just like your personal fitness coach always having in your pocket. You can count your calorie intake and burn as many you wish to burn. With the help of this app, you can plan all your physical activities and make a timetable for that so that you can do everything as per the schedule. To start with Try Around, you need to create a personal workout plan and track your performance with simple clean and smart interface. It’s the ultimate workout productivity app where you can crunch your workout data and get deep insights.

There are so many physical activities that Try Around can track whether you’re playing an outdoor game, dancing, walking, gardening, bicycling, fishing, running, etc. When you’re doing any of these activities the app will start its functioning and track detailed calories based on Metabolic Equivalents (MET). You’ll be notified about your physical activity every time when it’s not completed.

Overall, Try Around is the best calorie and weight loss companion for you for the whole life. The app has been developed by Try Around App Ltd. and it is released on 24th August, this year. The app requires iOS 10.0 or any later versions of the Operating System running in your device whether it’s an iPhone or the iPod touch.

So, meet the app built just for physical activity planning and calorie tracking! The app is available for only $6.99 on the iTunes Store.

Just follow it and stay healthy!Grab it now!


  1. Best fitness planner and activity tracker for more than 900 physical activities.
  2. Analyse your weight loss.
  3. Track and count calories intake.
  4. Track your overall performance.
  5. Easy to use app.
  6. Keep you alive.

Cons: none. 

Worth Having App – Download the App


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