11 Free Cloud-Storage Services With Their Best Features

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Amazon CloudDrive

Amazon Clouddrive offers 5GB free storage and path breaking functionality to your data storage spree. The music downloaded and purchased from Amazon would be stored in the cloud drive by default. Though critics say that the music stored in the cloud drive can be accessed by Amazon, the application for kindle tablets has made it a great option. You can extend the storage by paying $10 for 20GB, $100 for 200GB and $500 for 1TB per year.

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud allows you to store up to 5GB of data, free. The hugely trusted company has launched its cloud drive that stores files, videos, photos and more, directly to the apple device. The 128bit encryption is made available for iCloud and the apps such as pages and keynote are made available to the users. You can also choose paid, extended storage. Pay $10 for 10GB and $100 for 50GB per year.

Google Drive

Google’s cloud storage allows 5GB and 1GB storage for Google docs and multimedia storage, respectively. A separate folder for every user is created where the data is synchronized automatically. It is possible to upload files from Google doc and group directly but the web interface is a must for redirecting to the Google contacts. You can extend the storage by 250GB for $2.49, 1TB for $49.99 and 16TB for $799.99.


Syncplicity offers free storage of 2GB and it can be extended to 50GB for $15. The synchronization service supports Windows and Mac and it is a great substitute to dropbox. The service also provides data retention facility that allows the admin to keep or remove data that are violating company policy. The internal and external cloud access along with unauthorized access can be controlled by the admin.


SkyDrive offers 7GB free storage and charge you $10 per year for 20GB, $25 for 50GB and $50 for 100GB. This service provides storage for both Windows and Mac and it is an integral part of Microsoft. The SkyDrive allows direct uploading of individual files though bulk uploading is not allowed. The directly uploaded Microsoft files can be distributed among hotmail user list.


SugarDync offers 5GB of free usage and 30GB for $4.99, 60GB for $9.99 per year, as paid usage. The special ‘Magic briefcase’ sync all files stored in it to the devices registered under the account. There are some limitations in the web archive where the user cannot share the file if the original file is modified.


With Box, free storage available is 5GB but you can also go for personal account with storage of 25GB for $9.99 Business Edition with 1TB storage for $15 and enterprise edition with unlimited storage per user per month with custom price option. This offers bulk uploading based on JAVA and this includes files and subfolders. You can also direct a link rather than uploading a page.


Dropbox provides free storage up to 5GB and paid storage of 100GB for $9.99 per month and team account of 1TB for $749 every year for a maximum of five users. This service has invented the technique of drag and drop when the user can drag the file and drop it in the system while it gets synchronized automatically. The system allows direct linking of files and at the same time space sharing with Facebook friends.


MiMedia offers free storage up to 7GB and $4.99 for 100GB and so on. The company has special system for larger files. It sends a hard drive where you can store the file and then that is uploaded to cloud. The encryption is done during the transmission.


SpiderOak offers free storage of 2GB and then charge you $100 for every 100GB usage. The files are encrypted both when transmitting and uploading and the password is not stored in the cloud system.


MediaFire is one of the best cloud storage providers with 50GB of free storage available. The pro edition offers 250GB for $4.50 while the business edition allows 1TB for $49. The uploaded files are scanned using BitDefender antivirus and at the same time flash based preview along with social media support makes it a reliable choice. Simple drag and drop can upload data in MediaFire but this system does not support mobile apps yet.


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