30 Useful Blogging Tips for Beginners

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Blog – your private place to write what you passionate about and no one will restrict your writing. Blogging is the way to show your talent and passion on the subject you involved. Creating blog and making posts is easy, but sending it to right audience is little difficult task. You need to know some tricks to reach the readers.

There are plenty of bloggers around the world to write blogs but world will be watching what is unique in your writing. So be unique and write in your own style to grab more readers and to be successful in blogging. Here I just wanna share some tips for blogger and hope it will be helpful for them in all possible way.

30 Useful Tips for Bloggers:

1. Choose the topic or niche what you passionate about. It will drive you more crazy to write quality post.

2. Be conscious on selecting right and short domain names for your blog. It will help regular readers to remind it.

3. Need regular and frequent post on your blog. Do not be lazy in blogging since you are still a beginner.

4. Do not use free blogging portal for a long time, buy a domain and use your own hosting.

5. Learn about experts blogs on your niche. Follow their current trends and write ups to expose your thoughts on it.

6. If you are going to take a blogging as a career then be serious on it. Learn more marketing methods.

7. Monitor online always for the copy makers, Do not allow them to do that. Warn them of republishing your articles.

8. Make contemporary post, Reader do not like more about past trends and technology.

9. Show your uniqueness on post, Do not try to imitate someone else and no one can play your role better than you.

10. Do not allow so many out bound links , it may reduce your blog quality.

11. Respect to your commentator and reply to them. You may get some valuable suggestion from th em.

12. Try to learn SEO, to make your post visible on search engine. Because you can not neglect the major traffic from search engines.

13. Fix it in mind that blogging is not only for money making.

14. Use social media presence to reach your readers. You can create facebook page and twitter profile to your blogs.

15. Make more internal links on relevant posts.

16. Use attractive and readable text on your posts.

17. Do keyword research before writing blogs, it will helps you to gain some organic traffic from search engines.

18. Join community forums and groups to meet niche related people to share new ideas. It will bring you new thoughts for next post.

19. Let other bloggers to write guest post on your blog, you also may contribute guest post to them.

20. Start link building for your blogs, it will helpful in Google PR update.

21. Create good relationship with other bloggers, share your ideas to them.

22. Work to increase alexa rank, It will helps when you plan to sell your blog.

23. Read online blogs, and ebooks to generate more creative idea for blogging.

24. Be patient until you reach popular.

25. Use Subscription box to your reader. Try to improve the number of subscribers to your blog.

26. Improve your typing skill, so that you can write more blogs in an hour.

27. Add services with your blog , if you are doing any like web designing, SEO, or Marketing.

28. Include Adsense in your blog to generate decent revenue. Try to avoid third party text link program. It may irritates readers.

29. Try to post interviews of experts in your blogging niche. It will inspire your readers.

30. Track your traffic by using google Analytics, it helps you to develop yourself more.

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Article By Thirumalairajan, Working as an Internet Marketing Executive for HSA Studios – iphone app development company and AJ Square Inc – Software Consultancy Services.


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