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Bad weather can make driving a seriously risky endeavor. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure that you’re staying safe every time you get behind the wheel. Read on for the five best high-tech items you should have in your car to battle even the worst of storms. 

  1. LED Fog Light Bulbs

One of the easiest steps you can take to make your car safer is to install LED fog light bulbs. These types of bulbs will make it much easier to see during bad weather conditions (like fog or rain). Your best bet is to read some LED fog light bulb reviews to see which models will work best for your vehicle. 

  1. Auto-Braking Features

Many new vehicles come with auto-braking features, which means that the assistive technology will automatically apply the brakes when needed to prevent a crash. The tech basically lets you know there’s a problem even before you have time to react. This feature is ideal if you’re driving in bad weather conditions, and there’s an immediate need to avoid hitting debris or other obstacles in the road.


  1. Traction Control

You also might want to consider equipping your vehicle with traction control, which helps tires grip the road better. It uses sensors to determine the rotational speed of your tires and then lets the engine know to adjust the level of power your car needs to regain control. The sensors can even pump your brakes to prevent you from losing control. This feature is great if you’re going to be driving in wet conditions with slippery roads. 

  1. Lane Departure Warnings

This type of system will prevent you from drifting into another lane when you’re driving on slippery roads or when it’s hard to see the road ahead of you. This technology works to let you know as soon as you start drifting into another lane with either a buzzing sound, warning light, or vibration. The system will even work to slowly move your car back into your own lane; when you start to make the correction, you can resume control of the vehicle.

  1. Smart Car Chargers

If you’re going to be in your car during bad weather conditions, it can be a really smart move to keep a car charger for your phone in your vehicle. Devices like nonda Zus Connected Smart Car Charger lets you charge your phone (at a faster rate than normal chargers), as well as monitor your car battery to see if it’s underperforming. This device helps to keep you aware of how your car is functioning – plus, it can make sure your phone is charged in case you get stranded somewhere because of bad weather conditions.

Never let nasty weather prevent you from hopping in your car ever again. Just make sure your vehicle is equipped with these five high-tech features or products, and you’ll be the safest driver ever – even in the sleet and snow!