5 Reasons Why Should We Blog

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Blogging is now one of the popular business on internet and mostly people use it for the purpose of making money. However there are some other reasons that people love to blog. Let me share with you that what are the benefits of using a blog, and what you can get in return.

1. Earning Money

As I said In the beginning mostly blogging is use to earn money from internet and it common these days. Especially student community is jumping in this industry to make living from blogging.

This is good because a student can not only earn money through blogging, but also learn knowledge and build relationship with others.

2. Learning Knowledge

There are peoples who blog about different topics just to learn new things and keep their self updated with the latest happening. For me blogging is the best tool to learn knowledge about different things.

A blogger always contribute something in the blog and thus he learns a lot. Similarly a blogger also provides lot of knowledge to the readers and thus this helps both bloggers and readers.

3. Interaction with Others

I build network with different diverts people around the web and that is just because of blogging. A blogger can use blogs to interact with people around the web and interaction is very important especially for businesses.

There are bloggers who only blog to build network and keep people engaged with them. I think this is good thing because the initial stage of business is to first build network and then start promotion through them.

4. Promotion of Business

Companies and Small Businesses are now doing this, they hire bloggers and writers to blog about their companies and businesses to promote it. As we know blogs are very search engine friendly and it helps in driving new readers, thus it helps in driving new customers for a company.

5. Hobby

There are people who just blog because of their hobby and believe me these are the most successful people on the web. Why?

Because their motivation level is very high and at the end of the day they also earn lots of money, because of the passion about a hobby that is really profitable. You can use blog for different purpose but at the end you will earn money from it. May it your main motive will be some thing else, but it is true that blogs can make you lot of money.

However you need to keep working and show consistency in your work.

Hope you like the article, don’t forget to share your comments.

Author:- Bilal Ahmad is a blogger sharing monthly giveaways for kaspersky key and tips related to how to make windows xp genuine in his blogs.

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1 Comment

  1. Harneet Singh

    My main reason is of hobby as well as interaction with others.
    Keep it up 🙂


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