Barnes And Noble Nook HD: How is it for Gaming ?

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Great display, very affordable, dearth of apps and not the best device for gaming – not a perfect verdict if you are mainly interest in playing at your favourite online casino. Let’s take a closer look. The Barnes and Noble Nook HD is a seven inch tablet from the US based Barnes and Noble book seller. It uses the Android OS. The first model, a book reader, was launched in 2009 and the Nook HD, a seven inch tablet, was launched in September 2012.

Firstly the best points; and the very best point is the display. In fact it is a simply stunning display with a resolution that you must see in real life to fully appreciate. With a pixel density of 243 pixels per inch and a screen resolution of 1,440 x 900 pixels, there is not a sharper display on any seven inch. You can see every possible detail, which is always good for gaming, especially on a smaller screen. The display is very bright though on paper its contrast ratio is a little lacking.

It is also a high performer from a processor point of view, having a 1.3GHz dual-core processor making it more powerful than the Kindle Fire HD. However storage is only 8GB but it can be expanded to 32 GB with a microSDHC. You are able to play games you wouldn’t have thought would run on a tablet. Even gaming online is possible without the device complaining under the strain, and you can play online casino without worrying about the tablet giving up in the middle of a good spin. Available in both white and black, the tablet is even nearly as slim as the iPad mini and it is comfortable to hold, so you can game wherever you are.
The Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS is highly customised and does not access Google Play; however it is well thought out.

The best of this are the reading tools which are excellent and allow you to strip irrelevant content from web pages and magazines.But now we get to some of its fundamental problems. You can only download books, magazines and newspapers from the Barnes and Noble store, and while the selection of books is fine the same cannot be said for magazines and newspapers. And the same goes for apps. If you want a Facebook app or the BBC iPlayer then forget it; you can’t. The same goes for games too. You can find some of the major titles, but that is all.Certainly you can play online games on the web browser, but otherwise: not recommended.


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