Essential Apps You Need to Get the Most Out of Your TV

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TVs and television have gone a long way since 1928 when mechanical television was first introduced in the US (source Wikipedia) and then in the whole world. We started out with a big box that occupied a large area in our living room and only broadcasted a few channels and we ended up with a slim device that can be easily hanged on the wall with lots of content option.

To keep up with the trends, the content options had to change. This is how today we get satellite TV and online streaming services that allow us instant access to the favorite shows. The best part is that now a TV can also be used to browse online and install apps that make the experience so much more interesting!

Given that our TVs got smarter, they support an operating system and most are based on the two most popular on the market: Android or iOS. Since there are so many interesting apps out there, for each OS, let’s see which ones are best at transforming your entertainment experience to the maximum.

#1: TV Guide (for both iOS and Android)

Now you won’t have to browse through the pages of your old TV Guide that always gets lost in the house! The TV Guide app is a lot more useful and you’ll always know where to find it. Users have the possibility to create watchlists for their favorite TV shows or Sports events and set up alerts to make sure they won’t miss anything important.

The best part is that you can use filters to search for the best shows and series, to see what’s new, and take a peek at what’s trending.

#2: Online streaming apps

We couldn’t talk about apps for your TV without mentioning the ones developed by online streaming platforms. Apps like Hulu or Netflix are the most popular for online streaming in the US, but there are others as well (BBC iPlayer to stream UK content for example). You could access these platforms in browser directly, but apps come with a series of great features like filters and selecting your favorite shows.

Online streaming may even get on the same place as satellite TV in users’ preferences when it comes to personalizing the content. Right now Direct TV packages have a lot more content to offer at better quality and price, but online streaming is catching up.

#3: Beamly

This app is great for any TV show fan out there! Beamly is more of a social network for people who like to discuss based on shows and movies. Also, you’ll find out a lot of new information about your favorite actors and other celebrities on Hollywood.

The best part is that you can actually chat with your friends while the new episode of your favorite show is playing!

#4: Mobile games

You can either install them directly on the TV or you can play them from your mobile device while it is connected to your TV. All you have to know is how to make the connection between the TV and your device. Mobile games can be extremely detailed these days and a bigger screen will definitely enhance the experience!

There are other great apps out there, but the most amazing thing is that you can transform your TV and content options completely! Definitely, television and TVs are not what they used to be!


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