3 Unique Gadgets You Need In Your Used Car

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Used cars can be a great idea financially, but post-purchase, driving them can get boring fast—sure, you saved money, but used cars just don’t offer all of the exciting features that cars do today. That’s okay, though, because there’s an array of tech gadgets that you can purchase for your car to get it up to speed. Whether you’re looking at used cars in Langley BC or purchasing from somewhere else, these three gadgets will make your driving life much better.

Bluetooth cassette adapter This one’s for the really old cars: use this adapter to stream music from your smartphone and listen through the speakers. ION Audio offers a $20 adapter that changes your car’s cassette deck into a Bluetooth music receiver, letting you shuffle play this year’s top hits or whatever else you’d like to listen to. A fully charged battery offers over four hours of use, the adapter comes with a USB charging cable, and you can even make hands-free phone calls with the device. For just $20, this adapter is a versatile gadget and a great purchase for your used car.

Backup camera A backup camera is something many drivers have come to rely on, but older cars don’t contain this feature. eRapta sells a mountable backup camera for $21.99. This rearview camera is waterproof, has an adjustable lens, and easily attaches to the back of your used car. The camera also features an angled view, LED lights for night driving, and a two-year factory warranty.

Remote start system On cold mornings, it’s handy to be able to start your car from indoors and let it warm up before you run out and hop in. This is where a remote start system based on your smartphone comes into play. One of the best systems on the market is by Viper. The Viper SmartStart is pretty pricey—almost $400 up front—but it will be worth it on those snowy mornings when you’re kicking yourself for buying a used car. Plus, the system comes with lots of other perks, too—such as customized GPS alerts, a find-my-car feature, and a parking meter reminder.


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