5 Best iOS Apps for Bloggers

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If you are an individual who enjoys blogging as a hobby or for something more serious, you can enjoy doing so on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This is made possible with some truly quality blogging apps that you may want to look into downloading from the iTunes App Store. Here are the must have blogger apps for anyone who enjoys running their own blog.


• WordPress is absolutely free, available for both the iPhone and iPad and is the favorite blogging app and tool all around the world. It has a clean and simple user interface and is extremely easy to use. Create a blog entry, editing the ones you have already added, take a look at your stats, moderate comments and even add images and videos with ease. If you have a WordPress.com account or a self-hosted WordPress.org site that runs on 3.1 or higher, this is the blogging app for you. Download the app here.


• Blogsy is $4.99 at the App Store and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. It is hailed as being the best blogging app you can find. With it, you can create blogs for social networking websites like Facebook – of which it includes a great integration feature – or WordPress. You will find it a pleasure and very easy to add photos, videos and other content to your blog or social networking pages. For image addition, there is a drag and drop option that will make it even easier. Download the app here.


• Tumblr is a great free app that will please any user who has a Tumblr blogging account. With it, you have the ability to post anything you like, from text, photos, videos and more. You can manage all of your blogs on the site effortlessly and enjoy advanced control features. Additionally, you can view and reply to any and all message, and you can even receive offline support when you don’t have access to your wireless data or Wi-Fi network. download the app here.


• TypePad is a great free blogging app for iOS that can be used on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It allows you to write new posts for your personal blog in mere seconds, post photos from your device’s camera or photo album and alert your friends to your new blog posts through an automatic update on social networking site Twitter. Download the app here.


• Blogger is a great free app for blogging that was developed by Google, Inc. It can be your one stop for all things blog related as it allows you to create a blog post whenever you want, even if you decide to save it as a draft to post at a later time. You can view and edit all of your posts that are saved or published, add an image from your device’s gallery or snap a new photo to add to your blog. The app also uses your device’s locations feature so that you can include the location where you happened to be when you wrote or posted your blog entry. Download the app here.

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