5 Reasons We Are Addicted to Mobile Devices

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The world is becoming more connected every day and many things are literally found and manageable at the palm of our hands. Today, we will be hard-pressed to find people who are completely disconnected from their gadgets. With 7.5 billion of active mobile devices subscription, there are many people who own more than one mobile devices. Mobile stores like fonehouse who offer contracts at fairly reasonable prices make it easier for everyone to have a smartphone. People will continue to be outnumbered by mobile devices in their homes and offices. Those inanimate chunks of plastic, metal and glass already become an integral part of our daily lives and we can’t go through a day without them. The prospect of not using smartphones and tablets for just one day may elicit horrified gasp from users. These devices will do so many things for us. They contribute very early in the day, by waking us up in the morning. They notify us with a variety of updates and emails. We will be able to perform tasks and stay connected with colleagues. Here are reasons that it’s impossible to stop our reliance with mobile devices.

  1. Physical distances are bridged: People who are working abroad can easily connect with colleagues, neighbours, friends, relatives and family members in their home nation. While, direct voice calls and text messages are relatively expensive for international communication, people are able to communicate with very low cost or even for free with instant messaging, social media and VoIP. It’s now very easy for us to keep tabs on the daily lives of people that we care most. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Even people are separated by thousands of miles, during a group chat, it may feel like that everyone sits together in one room.
  1. It’s more exciting to unwind: Like any computing device, smartphones and tablets are not only useful for productivity tasks, but for playing as well. De-stressing ourselves with mobile devices is very easy. People could simply tap the Google Play store or Apple iTunes on their screens, and they are able to download a game in a few seconds. There are literally millions of mobile games that we can download for free. Android and iOS support multitasking operations. After handling productivity operations, they can minimize the app to open Netflix, YouTube and any entertainment app. In just 15 minutes, we will be somewhat discharged, so we will be ready to return to our tasks.
  1. Learning new things are easy: Thanks to the Internet, we should be able to acquire easy information. When learning something, watching YouTube videos can be absolutely informative. Even for casual learning sessions, we can learn so much by reading Wikipedia for one hour. There are thousands of podcasts, videos and educational journals. With mobile devices, we are able to sign up for online colleges, so we are able to receive formal degrees and certificate.
  1. Talents are easily showcased: Just a few decades ago, the only way to wow everyone with our tales was with television. Today, making our own video and uploading it to YouTube and other social media platforms is very easy. Photographers are able to use Instagram and others to showcase their professionalism as a tool to enhance their career. Even blogs are useful to share our intellectual thoughts, which is appropriate for people in the academic’s field. Mobile devices are equipped with camera to create videos easily. Photos from DSLR cameras can be directly sent to smartphones through Bluetooth connections for immediate publication. Many smartphones are equipped with decent cameras for creating videos.

5.  More rewards: With mobile devices, it’s much easier to win so much free stuff online. In Facebook and Twitter feed, we could find business establishments that offer gift certificates. Stores may also distribute digital brochures through instant messaging that we can show to sellers when we visit them. Purchasing new items can bring us free merchandise that we can enjoy with our fam


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