The 5 Top Physical Therapy Apps to Try at Home By: Erin Konrad

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Recovering from an injury (or even just trying to build up your strength) can be a challenging undertaking. Where should you even begin? Well, take all of the guesswork out of your physical therapy routine by downloading any of these five super helpful apps!

  1. Pocket Anatomy

Your first step should be to get educated about your particular injury or condition. You can do this by downloading the Pocket Anatomy app from iTunes. The app lets you view thousands of anatomical structures in the body, and the high-resolution and zooming options give you a clear picture to better understand how the human body works. You’re more likely to meet your goals if you’re knowledgeable about what you need to do to heal and recover.

  1. PT Pal Pro

Available from both iTunes and Google Play Store, this app is essential for anyone trying to perform physical therapy exercises at home. PT Pal Pro works with your physical therapist to help them monitor your progress and lets them send instructions straight to your smartphone. The app will also remind you to do your exercises and helps by counting the repetitions out loud for you!

  1. myRehab

This app, available on iTunes, contains exercise videos that you can play while you’re doing the regimen. The app provides specific rehab procedures based on your particular injury (that fall into either stretching or strengthening exercises). There’s also a follow-up section that helps you improve and then build upon your progress.

  1. Stopwatch

The Stopwatch app is a handy tool for anyone needing to keep track of their workouts. It can be especially vital if your physical therapist or doctor has prescribed you to do your exercises for a specific length of time. It’s so easy you’ll have no excuse not to get up and get moving!

  1. Rehab TherX

This easy-to-use app (available on iTunes) allows you to choose from over 300 illustrated exercises to come up with a plan that will work for you. The exercises are sorted by body region and movement type, and you can also select specific parameters (like sets, repetitions, hold time, and frequency) to configure a workout that fits your needs. Then after you complete your regimen, you can email the record of your progress right to your doctor.

If you feel like you should be interacting with a professional physical therapist in person, you can always find one located near you. Just try Googling your location, like Timonium physical therapy, and you’ll be able to find all the options in your area. Or you can download these apps to help step up your physical therapy game right from your home!


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