6 Dirty Secrets to Better Money Management

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Smart money management takes more than just understanding the math. In fact, the numbers aren’t difficult, but rather what prevents most people from ultimately achieving their financial dreams is the psychological and emotional hurdles.

Things work for those who can stay on the right side of the mental issues that surround managing money. Below are six dirty tricks to help you better manage your money.

  1. Use Other People’s Money

The golden rule for wealth creation and money management is that “it takes money to make money.” Using people’s money to make money has a higher return on your investment. You could for example use money from financial lenders or borrow it from someone close to you.

  1. Have an Emergency Kitty

Having money set aside for emergency purposes is a sure way to avoid financial disasters. A good emergency fund should have adequate money to cater for 3-6 months of living expenses. You cannot have an emergency fund overnight. Start by saving little by little until you meet your desired amount.

  1. Have a Side Hustle

Having a fixed monthly salary is not all you should do, since you need to make the money earned work for you. Being an employee only makes you work to make your employer rich. What if you were your own boss? Money management involves generating income from passive sources alongside active sources. Passive income may originate from rental property and dividend-paying securities. You may also earn royalties from creative ventures and profits from side businesses.

  1. Online Brokers

Many discount brokerage firms today compete for investor attention. Some target active investors while others target long-term investors, such as retirees. For anyone interested in online brokerage, online broker reviews come in handy. These reviews come from business analysts and financial publications who have had experience and accounts with brokerage firms.

  1. Your Money Personality Counts

Money personality is the distinct way you handle and thinks about money. Thus, understanding your money personality is one of the dirty secrets of managing money.

An overview of money personalities:

Security Seekers are very conservative when it comes to money management. They like planning for the future to avoid financial crises. Security seekers are willing to save today to have adequate investments for tomorrow.

The Spenders live in the present moment. They like buying on impulse and never differentiate wants from needs. They enjoy making purchases as well as buying for other people.

The Savers are trustworthy and care about money. They always research before making purchases.

The Flyers are never motivated by money and rarely make financial plans. Most of their financial decisions rely on fear rather than solid advice.

The Risk Takers are willing to lose money in return for more. They feel happy about the possibilities of investments and business opportunities.

  1. Automate Your Savings

Automated savings enable striking a balance between expenses and savings. This ensures that a part of the monthly pay check is diverted to the personal savings account. When making an automatic deduction from your payroll, aim at a minimum of 10% deduction.

Financial management revolves around budgeting, spending, and even saving. Thus, if you truly want to become successful with your wealth and finances, you’ll need to put your money where your mouth is. Start respecting what money can do for you, and practice these money management tricks.


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