6 Free Project Management Tools

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Success of project is purely depends on how effective we are planning and executing the project and nothing more than that. It is not necessary to do all project management activities by manual and of course we can use pre-designed tools or applications to manage our projects.

It is not that much easy for all project handling people to avail an expensive project management tool or software. They need something effective tool to manage their project in affordable cost of as a free one. Here I would like to show you, some of the free or low price project management tools where all your searches going to be end.

Let me list out the project management tools one by one with little introduction.


Jxproject is an absolutely free project management software and you can easily install it on your system without any trouble. It will also let you share your project plans on Internet with anyone since everyone on Internet can access and install it. It supports Linux, Windows, Solaris and even Mac Os. You can avail all major facilities in free version, if you wish little more you can get it by minimum cost of $20.00


Dotproject is an open source project management software and there is no company behind this application. It has been developing by group of programming professionals.
Simple sign up process will allow anyone to download the open source script of dot project – project management script. It also offers a support forums to discuss about bugs and other issues.


Ganttproject is an easy project scheduling and management tool which will be run on linux, windows and Mac os. It is absolutely free and an open source. It will help you to assign task to human and resource to employees. You can generate PERT chart from Gantt chart and can share project with your colleagues to collaborate. Ganttproject website shows you the simple slide show, that can be used as a manual for gantt projects.
Download it for free and if you wish you can donate money to gattproject team.


TaskJuggler is an another effective and powerful open source project management software. There are plenty of project has been done successfully by the use of Taskjuggler. It will help you to manage cost, tasks, resources in a single package. Comprehensive report tracking system will show the needy results at time. It also have multiple features like time zone change, csv export, supports profit/loss analysis, shift working, unlimited number of base lines and more. Overall, Taskjuggler is rich feature set project management solution at free of cost.


Clockingit is a hosted project management app which effectively track the time spent on the work you done on projects. It is available in free with project management, time tracking and collaboration. It offers interactive gantt chart scheduling and flexible reporting tool. You can have multiple mode of communication with easy notification of emails, rss and ical. Clockingit is available in 14 language around the world like English, French, Spanish, Italian, polish, dutch, danish, Norwegian and more.

Project HQ:

Project HQ is an open source project management tool with collaborative facility. It is build on open source technologies like Python, Pylons and SQLAlchemy and purely database independent. It uses ajax and flash on more places to make working environment effectively. It is offering document about how to use also it is providing community forums to discuss about bugs and other issues on the script. Simple sign up process will take you to the place of downloading the open source project management application.

Hope these tools will help you to make your projects more effective and ease, if you are still looking to buy a commercial version of project management tools, you can proceed. Before that please do read project management app reviews of us and select right one for you.


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